Unique 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Eighteenth birthdays are quite the milestone especially for girls here in the Philippines. This significant affair usually entails extravagant parties, gowns, suits, and a program and party details that are looked over from the start of the preparation until the end. However, if you want a birthday party that has more of a personal touch and a unique flair for your daughter, you can surely deviate from the norm. Good thing Stellaire, a trusted and affordable catering services in Cavite, is here to help! Here are 10 unique 18th birthday party ideas!

Trip to an amusement park

Instead of spending two hours in a party, spend it on a trip to the amusement park instead. There is no party needed for 18th birthday ideas like this. Just a foolproof way of getting your daughter to celebrate her birthday in the most fun way possible with her friends or families. You can take care of the entrance fees and the transportation for the guests, and they would have to take care of their expenses for food and souvenirs. Make sure the guests understand these, too, so they can be prepared and have a great time in the amusement park.

Choose a different theme

If you are going with a party, make sure to choose a unique theme that will truly showcase your daughter and her personality. Most 18th birthday party ideas just stick with the formal ball theme, but you can make it extraordinary. You can choose a Harry Potter theme that can put a magical twist to the celebration; and outdoor theme where everyone can wear their casual or summer clothes; or a zombie theme that can double as both a costume party and a game. Whatever it is, you can incorporate it with you daughter’s 18th birthday party if you let your creativity take over.

Have a pool party

Another one of many unique 18th birthday party ideas is having a pool party. This is incredibly fitting in this summer season when everybody just wants to cool off and get away from the heat. Best of all is that a pool party can save you money—from the venue, to the clothes and the styling, and to the food. For the venue, you only need a private resort or a house with a swimming pool. Everyone can come in casual clothes and bring their extra swimming outfits, and you can serve a simple pool party menu that will keep the guests full throughout the party.

Movie marathon party

If your daughter is not one for a boisterous event, you can go for a simple movie marathon party. Invite friends and relatives over, and have your daughter pick which movies to watch for the marathon. You can go with her favorite movies, movie franchise, or new movies that she and her friends have not seen yet. You can set up a “cinema” at your living room or at your backyard where guests can lounge around, eat, watch movies and have a great time.

Impart some wisdom

Turning 18 means entering adulthood for Filipinos. And so, one of the best things you can give your daughter is wisdom. Have the elders in your family write a piece of advice in strips of paper and put these in a jar. You could even reach out to some of her friends and have them do the same. Other form of this 18th birthday idea is having those pieces of advice on a scrapbook instead of a jar. Either way, this unique birthday idea will help her as she faces new obstacles and conflicts that will come with adulthood.

Get a live band

Another way to make an 18th birthday party extraordinary? Get a live band. A live band performance will bring a whole new feel to the party. They can sing the latest hits to keep the party going or your daughter’s favorite songs to give the celebration more of a personal feel. Getting a live band is also one of the great ways to make the debut party more exciting.

Have inflatable games

Who says you cannot have kiddie fun in 18th birthdays? If your daughter is having an outdoor 18th birthday celebration, you can opt to include fun inflatable games. Theses inflatables are usually for kids but your daughter and her friends can still have fun in here, too. You can also add a twist and make it more of an adventure by adding paintball guns or laser tag guns to the mix. This will definitely make the games more exciting and memorable.

Have a photo booth party

Another example of fun 18th birthday party ideas is having a photo booth party. Do not just simply put a photo booth in a corner of the venue, make the whole venue photo-booth inspired! This is perfect for celebrants who love taking photos and are very active in social media. You can also put a twist in it and incorporate a scavenger hunt or a fun photo challenge to make it even more exciting.

Make it a cooking class

An 18th birthday celebration is also the perfect time to learn something new. Instead of a party, do a cooking class for your daughter, her friends, and other members of your family. You can teach them how to cook simple dishes such as pasta, pizza, and more. This unique birthday idea is exciting as not only do they get to experience and learn something new, they will also have the chance to taste their own creations.

Organize a surprise party

You can also surprise your daughter with a big party. Make it seem like you will not be doing anything special and on her very birthday surprise her! Invite her friends, your family and other relatives and let them join in on the secret. With a good catering service and an affordable debut package, you can surely arrange a celebration without any hassle.

Not all 18th birthday celebrations have to extravagant, they only have to be extraordinary in their own ways. With these 18th birthday party ideas in mind, you can make you daughter’s debut celebration unlike any others.

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