Stellaire Catering Services in Tagaytay

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Why Choose Tagaytay?

With magnificent sceneries, a cool climate, and a rich culture, Tagaytay is considered one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations and vacation spots for locals. This beautiful city is also a popular venue for various events and occasions. Weddings, debut celebrations, and anniversaries have already been held here in Tagaytay—a definite proof that it is a great event venue for all.

Stellaire can bring its affordable catering services in Tagaytay to make weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations even more special. With Stellaire’s delightful cuisine and elegant décors, plus Tagaytay’s beautiful views, will make events more magical!

Top 5 Venues in Tagaytay

Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay

This hidden getaway is elegant and romantic which is why it is a popular wedding venue here in Tagaytay. Hillcreek Gardens has various function rooms and facilities to cater to different kinds of events. Some of these facilities are The Grand Ballroom, Pavilion, Garden, and The Plaza.

Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay

Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay is the perfect venue for magical and regal weddings. It even has the nickname “New royal garden of the South” as the whole place looks like it came out of a Disney film. It is also near a spectacular ridge above Taal Lake which gives Fernwood Gardens stunning sceneries.

Aquila Crystal Palace

Aquila Crystal Palace is one unique and luxurious venue in Tagaytay. This events place has magnificent polycarbonate crystal architecture and porcelain flooring which can definitely make any event, but most especially a wedding, grand.

Green Olive Garden

An elegant setting surrounded by lush gardens and hills, Green Olive Garden is a private venue that caters to a lot of events. Seminars, team buildings, parties, birthday celebrations, and wedding receptions would fit perfectly in this rejuvenating Tagaytay venue.

Two Gardens Tagaytay

Two Gardens Tagaytay, on the other hand, is the perfect venue for garden weddings and other outdoor celebrations. They have two garden options—the Pine Garden which is surrounded by pine trees, and the Palm Garden which is filled with palm trees and is smaller than the Pine Garden area.

With these top-rated venues plus great event styling and catering in Tagaytay, your celebrations will truly flourish. Choose Stellaire to celebrate with you today!