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Rental Pricing

Because of the quality we guarantee, we believe our tiffany chairs for rent are fairly priced at the following rates:

Tiffany (Gold) Tiffany (White) Folding Chair (White)
Php 60 Php 70 Php 80

*minimum of 100pax per quote

*plus delivery charge depends on location

Behind Tiffany Chairs

Tiffany Gold and White

Commonly used for formal events such as weddings, debuts, corporate diners and banquets. Perfect for events that require elegant setup.

Tiffany Gold and White

Commonly used for formal events such as weddings, debuts, corporate diners and banquets. Perfect for events that require elegant setup.

Tiffany chairs are in demand for formal events because of their simple and sophisticated appearance, as well as the comfortable and luxurious seating they offer. Their elegant design compliments imposing events, especially weddings, banquets, debuts, and classical-themed parties.

Behind Tiffany Chairs

Tiffany chairs create an exemplary look that other seating options cannot deliver. But apart from their stylish aura, Tiffany chairs became the standard for elegant event seating because of their narrow footprints which enable large capacity for guest seating and it is easy to stack them.

History and facts

  • Tiffany chairs are also called Chiavari chairs.
  • The word Chiavari came from the hometown of its designer, Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, who lived in Chiavari, Italy.
  • Design origin of the Chiavari chair: It is said that Descalzi was invited by the president of the Economic Society of Chiavari to simplify and lighten the elements of the Empire style chair popular in 1800s.
  • The re-invention opened up many work opportunities in Chiavari and its surrounding towns. It brought the rise to numerous factory openings.
  • Descalzi’s Chiavari chairs also received great applaud from Charles Albert of Savoy, Napolean III, and sculptor Antonio Canova.
  • In 1955, designer and architect Gio Ponti also became inspired by the structure of Chiavari chairs, paving way to the creation of his Superleggera chair.
  • In present times, Chiavari chairs or Tiffany chairs are a favorite choice for weddings, elegant parties, and corporate events.

Affordable and high-quality Tiffany Chairs for Rent in Cavite by Stellaire

Stellaire Catering and Events Services offers high-quality Tiffany Chairs that will make your event even more sensational!

Our Tiffany chairs come in two colors

Choose from classic White or modish Gold! These color options for Tiffany chairs go with any décor or event theme!

Our Tiffany chairs can be used as is or with decorations

Our Tiffany Chairs for rent can be used as is for simple and light feel. But if you want to kick your event up a notch, we would be happy to provide additional seat decorations and covers!

Stellaire offers affordable catering and events services in Cavite and we are a leading provider of Tiffany Chairs Rentals in Cavite and other event equipment rentals. We offer high-quality and beautifully designed Tiffany chairs that will guarantee you a spectacular event!

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