5 Ways to Make Your Debut Party More Exciting

Debut parties in Filipino culture has long been considered as a very important event in a young woman’s life. Turning 18 is a significant milestone that needs to be celebrated, and so, most young girls have debut parties. But celebrating a debut does not mean sticking with the basic program and the traditional proceedings entirely. You can also incorporate your own flair to your debut party. Stellaire Caterings & Events Services, a trusted and affordable catering services in Cavite, listed down five ways to make your debut party more exciting!

A Different Theme

Ditch the usual ball theme and think of another one that will fit your personality to make your debut more unique and exciting. Unconventional themes like casinos, Rock ‘n Roll, or Greek mythology can definitely spice things up at your debut. Look for other debut theme ideas and make sure to choose one that will showcase your personality perfectly.

Live Band Performance

Keep things exciting and fun by hiring a band to perform live. Live music can give the 18 Roses and 18 Candles more impact as it can make it more emotional and touching. A live band can also keep things alive all throughout the event, providing excellent background music and entertainment for you and your guests.

18 Books to Treasure

18 Treasures is where close friends and families will give you special gifts or tokens that you will need as you enter adulthood. But instead of having them give you various gifts, ask them for books instead. You will need knowledge and wisdom to conquer adulthood, and books are definitely the best source of these. The books can range from non-fiction to fiction as both can give you aid in different ways.

New Games and Activities

Think of new and fun games and activities you can do with your guests. Have a Scavenger Hunt and hide prizes in the venue for your guests. Or host a Trivia Game that will quiz them on how well they know you. These games will surely keep your debut party exciting and make it even more memorable.

A Unique Venue

A unique venue can also make your debut party more exciting. Usually debut parties are held in hotel function rooms, but you can pick a unique location that will deviate from the norm. You can have your debut party at a resort, at a beach, or maybe a rooftop to give it more of a thrill. Just make sure that the venue is exciting and not all too threatening.

Now, you know that there are ways to make your debut party more exciting. Should you need more help, contact an affordable catering services in Cavite to talk about your special event!

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