Games and Activities for your Decade-Based Party

A party is not complete without amusing games and activities that provide fun and exciting prizes and opportunities for the guests! If you are planning for a decade-themed party, it is appropriate that the games and activities you will have correspond to the period you chose! Stellaire Caterings & Events Services, a trusted source for catering rentals in Cavite listed game ideas from different decades which you can do at your party!


Get the feel of the prosperous 20s filled with fervent dancing, Gangsters, Flappers and silent movies with these activities:

  • Watch films from the 1920s or recent ones that depict the 1920s era (make sure it is black and white for added ambiance!)
  • Play Murder at the Four Deuces, a murder mystery game where guests can play as the suspect or the sleuth
  • Do the Charleston Dance on rapid jazz music
  • Awards for Best Costumes


Although the 30s are turbulent, this decade is not devoid of fun activities! Here are some of the popular games and entertainment outlets you can try:

  • Board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Chinese checkers, and Dominos
  • Card games such as pinochle, rummy, and contract bridge
  • Hopscotch, tug of war, and stickball (stripped version of baseball) if you are doing a decade party for children with outdoor access


This decade was a time for warfare, so expect the games to be a little stark but still full of valor and excitement!

  • Stream war training films of the 40s
  • Do a scavenger hunt with warfare themes
  • Play the Fire Brigade game where lined guests have to work together to fill a bucket by passing scooped water to each other
  • Air raid simulation where the lights are off and an air raid siren blasts on the speakers – it might be scary but it is truly thrilling!


As the 50s was a period recovering from the war, here are cheerful activities you can perform during your party:

  • Hula-hoop contest
  • Pin the tail on the donkey game
  • Do the Twist dance contest
  • Rock ‘n’ roll song and dance challenge
  • Watch famous 1950s shows


Continue the hippie trend of the 60s with these vividly colorful games and activities:

  • 60s charades and trivia games
  • Breaking of piñatas
  • Loco-motion and Twist dance contest
  • Best Costume Award


Keep your guests entertained with these groovy 70s activities anyone can participate in:

  • Best Costume contest (the bell bottoms and the afros cannot go unnoticed)
  • Hustle, Bump, Bust Stop dance contest
  • 70s trivia games
  • Pet Rock contest
  • Karaoke 70s challenge


The 80s was a time for flashy fashion, movies, video games, and music which you can incorporate to your party activities:

  • Watch classic 80s movies
  • Guests can do a live 80s music video
  • Michael Jackson dance contest
  • Name that 80s tune
  • Arcades


As many of your guests might relate easily with the 90s, they will have so much fun with these games and activities:

  • Charades
  • Twister
  • Trip to Jerusalem
  • 90s trivia challenges
  • Pop music dance contest

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