8 Decade-Based Party Themes

Nostalgia is powerful. We often feel it when we watch timeworn movies, look at old photographs, listen to old music, and even when we eat our favorite dish from our childhood! All these factors render not just an entertaining get-together, but also a sentimental event.

Each decade in history has unique offerings when it comes to aesthetics – from clothes, to car models, to hair trends, to architecture – and these will inspire you and your guests in decorating the venue and dressing up for the party!

Stellaire Catering Events and Services, one of the best catering rentals provider in Cavite, has winded back the clock to present you with the best decades to inspire your themed party!

Roaring Twenties

Filipinos love to be chic and they can achieve with a party based on the roaring decade of 1920s!

If you have seen the film The Great Gatsby, you already have a clear vision of a party based on this era. The design of the place should include gold fabrics, chandeliers, candelabras, feather, as well as floral arrangements and pearl adornments. If you are on a tight budget and schedule, you can improvise using cost-effective or recycled materials.

Women should dress in classic silhouette clothing that are usually neutral in color, while men can opt for stylish tuxedos and fedoras if they are going for the Gangster/Flapper aspect of this decade. For better engagement, you can also implement a masquerade style where guests will use masks!

To complete the feel, use Jazz music, and serve bite-sized food and the staple drink: the champagne.

Turbulent Thirties

The 30s might not be that different from the 20s, but it has a certain identity which will help you distinguish it from the preceding decade. The Turbulent Thirties is a time of turmoil for many countries because of events such as The Great Depression and The World War II. Despite these, the 30s is so rich in culture, making it a great decade to go with your party.

This decade is known to be the start of The Golden Age of Hollywood so use gold and black colors for your party to radiate a glamorous, show business-like ambiance. Adorn the venue with fabrics, balloons, and tablecloths of such colors and use a red carpet showered with confetti.

Guests can style themselves as their favorite celebs from this era and choose from a simple French-inspired menu and dance to Swing and Jazz music.

Flying Forties

The 40s is a time when countries were deep in war, but it does not mean that it is out of style. The heroism and patriotism reflected in this era are great themes to influence your party. After all, Filipinos, especially Caviteños, are truly patriotic!

To get the look of the 40s, design the place with colors found in the flags of Philippines, America, and even Britain! You can include displays such as war planes, war propagandas, vintage radios, and artillery. For the menu, serve the usual food in this era like pies, salads, cakes, and roasted meat.

Guests can come in sailor and soldier uniforms. Women can also wear skirts and blouses, while men can go for shirts and pants with suspenders. For a more Filipino touch, you can ask the guests to wear Philippine soldier uniforms in the 1940s.

Fabulous Fifties

More than colorful diners, milkshakes, and rock and roll, 1950s is also known for its economic prosperity as more families bought cars and moved to the suburbs.

There are many ways to capture the 50s for your party! You can try the Tiki culture which was popular back then. You can also decorate the venue as if on the Hawaiian shore, complete with huts and torches. Serve cocktails, roasted pork, salads, and the famous pineapple upside down cake. To complete the 50s vibe, guests must wear appropriate tropical attires.

Also another option for a 50s theme party is the simple cocktail party, where there are low lights and slow music. Women can come in cocktail dresses and men can wear suits. Of course, it would not be complete without the cocktail drinks and some vintage furniture you can score in thrift stores!

Swinging Sixties

A period of transition, the 60s is a decade filled with pulp and energy. When holding a 1960s theme party, use décors which perfectly depict the hippie era – from tie dye fabrics and tablecloths, to peace sign prints on plates, cups, tissues, and mats. For better ambiance, you can add a VW Hippie van around the area and groovy strobe lights.

Guests can dress up based on the 60s fashion: bell bottoms, tapered pants, big sunglasses, miniskirts, headbands, boots, and beads. You can serve salads, sausages, quiches, and fruit punches if you decided for a 60s-based party.

The Disco Era

Disco Era or the 70s is close to the heart of many Filipinos as disco was rampant in the country back then. To make your venue fit for a 70s party, use metallic streamers, balloons of neon and black colors, vibrantly colored fabric and wares, and of course, disco balls.

For the costumes, disco era attires can be a little silly but that is what makes it fun! Men and women can wear one piece jumpsuits, bell bottom pants, boots, and retro roller skates!

If you are going for a full-on Disco Era type of party where dancing is the main activity, then choose food that are easy to pick and eat such as hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, and salads. For richer food setup, serve shrimp cocktails, deviled eggs, seafood, and meat.

Remember to settle the mood by plugging in 70s hits you can easily find online or at your parents’ vinyl stockpile!

The Eighties

Start your 80s themed party from the invitations! You can send a snail mail or an electronic mail with 8-bit design based on video games. For the party, you can design the location with colorful balloons and streamers with colors associated to the era such as hot pink, yellow, orange, and green. To further accentuate the place, you can put up prints and models from the pop culture of the 80s such as video game consoles and posters of famous artists and movies.

Use disposable party wares for easy clean-up. Food should also be equally easy to clean. Serving pizzas, sandwiches, pastas, and other greasy finger foods matched with sodas is a great way to capture a usual 80s party meal.

For the outfit, you can invite your guests to come in Bagets-like outfits. Legwarmers, crop tops, shoulder pads, spandex, and denim are some of the famous clothing styles during this decade.

To make things more exciting like the 80s, engage in different games and activities! Guests can play Twister, a lip syncing and an air guitar contest, or arcade games such as Pacman and Donkey Kong. Music should cover 80s sensations such as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Michael Jackson.

The Nineties

In case you have not noticed, the 90s started almost 30 years ago! Still, its influence bled to the 2000s and even to the 2010s.

Since this is the period where most Millennials might feel nostalgic about, think of references when decorating your area! Along colorful streamers and drapery, you can hang old CDs, VHS, Walkmans, Tamagochis, action figures, and some cheesy banners! Pogs, teks, paper dolls, and posters of your favorite girl bands and boy bands on walls will add wistfulness.

For the attire, colorful T-shirts, vests, baggy button shirts and jeans are ideal for men. Women can go with laces, oversized shirts, spaghetti straps, track pants, and high waist denims.

Of course, it would not be the same without the music! Play some of the biggest hits of Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, and Backstreet Boys as your guests dine on easy meals such as pizzas, cupcakes, burgers, and ice creams. To make it more Filipino, serve popular snacks in the 90s such as Stik-Os, Iced Gem Biscuits, and Choc-Nut!

No matter what decade you choose for your party, always remember to be creative and have fun! Ultimately, treasure the moment so that when you look back, you will be reminded of the greatest party you ever had!

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