5 Fun Activities and Games for Children's Birthday Parties

Classmates, cousins, playmates, parents’ friends and their kids—plenty of people are invited in children’s birthday parties. Various restaurants and fast food chains offer plenty of kiddie party packages in the Philippines because of this.

However, more than the food and the venue set-up, games and activities are the things kids look forward to in birthday parties. Moreover, the parents delight in seeing their kids play and have fun with the other children.

With plenty of birthday parties all year round, activities and games can become repetitive and less interesting. Traditional birthday party games like newspaper stop dance and longest happy birthday greeting are still considered fun, but it would not hurt to incorporate more ideas or to introduce new games and activities to the young birthday guests.

For a more exciting kid’s birthday party, here are five fun activities and games suggestion from Stellaire Catering Services, an affordable catering service in Cavite.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure chest guarded by a teddy bear

Get the kids to participate in a treasure hunt! Hide a treasure box or bag anywhere in the venue, but make sure it is in a spot that can be found by someone. If you are holding a birthday party at home, keep all your valuable items in an off-limits locked room to avoid damages while the kids search the whole house.

You can give away hints before the start of the game, or you can draw maps on the paper mats to be placed on each table. The prize inside the treasure box or bag can be anything depending on your child’s birthday party theme. Whoever finds the treasure keeps it!


String tied gifts covered with brown paper

Pass-the-gift or pass-the-parcel is an easy game of, well, passing the gift! However, the gift is wrapped in several layers of gift wrapper. Make a group of more than 5 kids stand in a circle and pass the gift while the music is playing. When the music stops, whoever is holding the gift will unwrap one layer and pass it again when the music continues to play. The kid to unwrap the gift revealing the main prize gets to keep it!

You can put small prizes between some layers like candies so that more kids can receive a prize. You may also give two or more gifts to pass around in one game, but make sure the gifts are far from each other. This can also be played by the adults, but with a prize suitable for their age.

Punch Box

Donut party punch box creation in progress

Image Source: Wholesale Party Supplies

Punch Box can be seen as a variant of the piñata or hampas palayok. You can buy a punch box or make your own with a design of your choice. Put a variety of prizes in each pockets, and call a number of kids corresponding to how many pockets are in your punch box to line up for a chance to get a prize.

If a kid gets an amazing prize, more kids may line up and participate so it is best to prepare more than one punch box!

Face Painting

A girl getting a face painting

Face painting is an easy way to add excitement to any party. Hire a face painter and give them a spot where the kids can approach them for a free face painting! This can keep the kids busy before the party starts.

A good alternative for this are temporary tattoo stickers that need to be wet before its image transfers on the skin. It is cheaper and easier but still has the same essence as the face painting.

Photo Booth

Girl holding a camera aimed frontwards

Birthday parties celebrated with friends and loved ones are precious memories and what is the best way to keep a memory? Photos! Set up a photo booth and let the kids do wacky poses while wearing funny props.

Affordable kiddie party packages offer a number of extra and optional services, some of which include a photo booth, or you can just assign a family member who can take pictures well to be the photographer for the party’s photo booth.

Try these five games and activities for your child’s birthday party along with favorite traditional birthday party games. Who knows? You may even get the shyest kids invited to participate.


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