5 Fun Themes for Children's Birthday Parties

Preparing birthday parties for the little ones are fun! From invitations, to party favors, up to the smallest of details, you get to choose between colorful and creative themes that kids will enjoy. Make the most high-spirited and unforgettable children’s birthday party with these variety of fun celebration themes!

Art theme

Birthday parties are not just about fun and games. These can also be educational and creative. Forget about clean clothes, kids will not mind when there are colored markers, paint brushes, various kinds of paper, and other art materials on the table!

Bring out the creative minds of the kids by involving them in workshop activities like group splatter painting, decorating different objects with art materials, and other events that can unleash the mini Picasso in them.

Rainbows and unicorns theme

Who does not think about childhood memories when there are rainbows and unicorns displays? This theme is absolutely a great idea for a birthday party as it emphasizes various colors and ethereal or adorable-looking unicorns – elements that the kids will surely love! Shower the decor with multiple colors and make sure the graceful unicorns do not miss their spots!

Little chef theme

Basic and kid-friendly cooking activities qualify as both educational and fun. While wearing those cute mini chef’s hats, children can participate in baking classes together or simply decorate personalized food to use as party favors like a creative bunch of candies or marshmallows which look like another food – a pizza, for example.

Campfire theme

Whether indoors or outdoors, you can bring those decorated tents anywhere! You could adorn the tents with colorful sparkling garlands to portray a campfire setting just like what can be seen in movies. As the campfire is an outdoor highlight of this theme, children would love to gather around its warmth and listen to stories. You could also turn it into a game! Make a quiz out of the stories and let them think of answers.

Pool-side bash theme

If the kids are in for a wet and wild birthday celebration, bring them to the pool! Cavite is known for many resorts so people who spend special celebrations mostly choose to go to the resort. Kids would love to play on cool and refreshing water so this theme is perfect! Do not also forget to make a list of fun water games! Some activities you can do include magnetic fishing, race of toy sailboats, ball games, and ring-toss games.

Kids get excited for their birthdays. They anticipate for their party so it is important that we know what they want and work hard for it. We have an endless list of birthday party concepts we could think of, but these recommended themes are the best! 

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