10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding | Infographics | Stellaire

Weddings are truly beautiful and meaningful, but we cannot deny the fact that it can be very costly. Couples might have to spend hundreds of thousands for their wedding to be possible. With the right strategy though, people can still have their dream wedding without entirely breaking the bank. Check out these 10 smart ways you can do to save money on your wedding from Stellaire, provider of affordable wedding packages!

1.   Borrow a dress

The wedding dress does not have to be grand. Try borrowing a dress from your mom or other relatives and go for classic vintage than grandiose.

2.   Opt for DIY

Whether it be invitations, venue decorations, or the giveaways, you can try and do it yourself and let your creativity show.

3.   Keep the guest list small

Only invite people who are truly important to the both of you. Not only does it make the wedding intimate, but it will also save you a lot of money.

4.   Go for a smaller cake

Just like the wedding dress, the wedding cake does not have to be too big and grand. Go for a smaller cake that will fit in nicely with a small, intimate wedding (and just enough to feed all the guests).

5.   Choose the venue wisely

Are you set on a church wedding? Or do you want to explore other venues? Gather different venue options and compare everything from the price to the services, and resources included.

6.   Get an affordable catering service

You can also hire an affordable catering service with affordable wedding packages that can provide quality dining setups, program management, and food for the guests at a reasonable price.

7.   Ask friends for help

It also does not hurt to ask friends for help when it comes to planning things for the wedding, making decorations for the venue, or hosting the reception.

8.   Make your own playlist

Instead of hiring a live band or a DJ, make your own playlist instead and have it played in the background during the reception. It is simple and does not cost anything!

9.   Send invitations online

Ditch the fancy paper invitations and send invitations online instead. With this, you will save money on paper, ink, and even hiring someone to design your invitations.

10.        Invest in start-up photographers or videographers

Start-up photographers or videographers might charge for less but produce great outputs for their starting portfolios. Invest in them and your special day will surely be well-documented.

Your wedding is a moment to remember, and if you do it wisely, the expenses might not hurt as much as you thought. There are also many ways to find affordable wedding packages to help save on wedding expenses. Keep these helpful methods in mind so that you can enjoy your wedding without thinking about the figures.



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