Unique Filipino Wedding Invitation Samples

With many things to be arranged and taken care of in a wedding, most to-be-wedded couple do not pay much attention to the wedding invitations. If they do though, the invitations tend to be common or bland.

Your wedding invitations should spark joy and love!

They should speak a lot about you and your significant other’s personalities. Take a look at these unique Filipino wedding invitation samples put together by Stellaire, a trusted and affordable catering service in Cavite. Maybe you can find the best wedding invitation for you and your soon-to-be-spouse!

1. Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Put a splash of color in your wedding invitations by going with a simple watercolor design. This is one of the Filipino wedding invitation samples that will surely be adored by many. It is artistic and will surely catch the eye of the invitees. (Photo by & Kathleen)

2. Doodle-Style Wedding Invitations

For a unique twist on your wedding invitations, make it doodle-style! This wedding invitation sample is truly creative and not many soon-to-be-married couples will have thought of this. The doodles can also be things or words that refer to your relationship, making it more personal and awesome! (Photo by Rudi de Wet)

3. Floral Wedding Invitations

You cannot go wrong with a beautiful floral design! These floral wedding invitations are simply creative and can go with floral-themed wedding reception. You can incorporate vibrant flowers in the design, or resort to pastel palettes instead. Either way, they will surely turn out great! (Photo by Marlon Capuyan via Bride and Breakfast)

4. Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

An unusual yet creative wedding invitation is one that is designed as a boarding pass. This is one of the Filipino wedding invitation samples that will surely grab the attention of the invitees. It is also a great idea for destination weddings, those that will be held out-of-town or out-of-the-country. (Photo by Jenna B Designs via Something Turquoise)

5. Handkerchief Wedding Invitations

You can ditch the usual paper invitations and use a handkerchief as a wedding invitation! Have the details printed on a simple handkerchief and send these to the invitees! They will definitely not expect your wedding invitation to come in the form of a handkerchief! (Photo by OneLove Photography via The Knot)

6. Bold and Colorful Wedding Invitations

Who says all wedding invitations have to be white or in neutral colors? Have it bold and colorful just like this wedding invitation! It is a fun and unique design for your wedding invitations and people will surely remember an eccentric design like this. (Photo by Team Benitez via Bride and Breakfast)

7. Pop-up Wedding Invitations

If you are not feeling the usual flat paper wedding invitations and you want something else that will “pop-up” to the invitees, try having pop-up wedding invitations! They are fun and truly remarkable for a wedding. (Photo by Sloan Photographers via Green Wedding Shoes)

8. Tropical Wedding Invitations

Having a beach wedding? Then maybe a tropical wedding invitation is the one for you! This kind of design is simple and colorful, and will surely go well with the beach and tropical vibes of the ceremony and the reception. (Photo by Chapter One Studios via Bride and Breakfast)

9. Scratch Card Wedding Invitations

Another creative way of inviting people to your wedding? A Scratch card wedding invitation! People will definitely be excited and curious as they scratch off a part of the card and try to see the details of your wedding. It is a one of a kind wedding invitation indeed! (Photo via Rock N Roll Bride)

10. Modern Wedding Invitations

If you are not up for something colorful or overdone, you can always go with a contemporary design. This modern wedding invitation sample is minimalist, yet fun and creative. Invitees will surely love getting this as a wedding invitation. (Photo by Marlon Capuyan via Bride and Breakfast)

11. Movie-inspired Wedding Invitation

Of course, you can also draw inspiration from you and your significant other’s favorite movies. An example of this is a Harry Potter-inspired wedding invitation. This will definitely be a magical way to invite family and friends to your wedding! (Photo by oneLittleM via The Rebellious Brides)

12. Walkable Wedding Invitations

This unique, interactive wedding invitation will definitely be unforgettable! Your guests can be able to trace the location, and go on a little adventure just by opening and reading your invitations. (Photo by Joel Derksen)

13. Paper Fold and Cutout Wedding Invitations

This kind of wedding invitation is on another level. It is creative with a flair of elegance and beauty. Your invitees will surely be surprised when they open these extraordinary paper invitations. (Photo by Olga Cuzuioc)

14. Gold and Royal Wedding Invitations

If you envision your wedding as elegant and regal, you might want to go with a gold and royal look. This Philippine wedding invitation sample will surely wow your invitees. It is simple, yet elegant and sophisticated. Plus, it will surely give off a vibe of royalty. (Photo by Myio Okamoto via Bride and Breakfast)

15. Fortune Teller Wedding Invitations

Remember those little things we used to do with paper as kids? The one where you fold it up and play games with it to “tell the future”? Well, you can turn that into a creative invitation! This is one of the Filipino wedding invitation samples that will really showcase your fun and creative side. Plus, the invitees will surely get hit with nostalgia! (Photo by The Rebellious Brides)

16. Laser-cut Paper Wedding Invitations

Custom laser-cut wedding invitations is truly a unique twist. Have the Fillipino wedding invitation content in a customer laser-cut, along with the additional designs. This wedding invitation will surely amaze your invitees! (Photo by Elle Jae via The Knot)

17. Origami Wedding Invitations

You can also send out wedding invitations folded like an origami! This is one of the Filipino wedding invitation samples that is truly one of a kind and truly pretty. You can think of different shapes, but you can also go with the classic heart origami, perfect for your wedding day! (Photo by Eat Drink Chic)

18. Dangle Box Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can also come in the form of a creative dangle box! Instead of your invitees reading the details written a normal paper invitation, they have to open the box and dangle it. Fun and creative indeed! Best of all, you can do it yourself! (Photo by Voyages of the Creative Variety)

19. Photography-inspired Wedding Invitations

These wedding invitations will offer the attendees a visual aesthetics to you and your significant other’s relationship. Include photographs in the invitation and let those speak for itself. (Photo by OneLove Photography via Martha Stewart Weddings)

20. Classic and Elegant Wedding Invitations

And if you really want to stick with the classic look of a wedding invitation, make sure you give it elegance like no other. This is one of the Filipino wedding invitation samples that was elevated by simple designs and a rustic wax seal. (Photo by Team Benitez via Bride and Breakfast)

All these Filipino wedding invitation samples will definitely add more impact to your special day. Make sure you pick the right one that will truly represent you and your relationship. Your wedding invitation may be small but it will be a part of your lives together.

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