Top Trending Wedding Themes for 2021

It has been a whirlwind of events this past year due to the presence of COVID-19. However, it’s not going to stop people from getting married. So even if you are starting from scratch or re-thinking your wedding plans, here are some themes and trends that are sure to be a hit this year that you might want to discuss with your wedding caterer in Cavite

  1. Intimate 
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It’s no surprise that wedding sizes have significantly become smaller because of the pandemic. But on the upside, couples are still allowed to hold ceremonies. In line with this, the guests would be people who are dear to the couple’s hearts and cannot imagine celebrating their special day without them. 

In addition, it may also be an “initial” celebration and couples will just have their large celebration party when the pandemic is over. Doing so would allow them to plan properly without any pressure. 

  1. Al Fresco 
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Ballroom weddings may have become a thing of the past now. It’s not just because of health protocols but because couples are now choosing less traditional venues which would cater or hold a fewer number of guests. 

These weddings drew inspiration from home and family get-togethers or dinners. However, the couple needs to make sure to choose a date wherein the weather would be most favorable because it is often held outdoors. 

  1. Eco-Friendly

No one probably expected this to be a theme, but it dares people to be different and go against the norms. Choosing this theme would require you to use items and materials that are not harmful to the environment. 

Wedding centerpieces would consist of upcycled materials such as mason jars or bottles.Other decorations could be made from wood, clay, and straw. It would give you this rustic charm when all put together. For the wedding attires, couples and participants can borrow or rent. Hence, it may also be the cheaper alternative. 

  1. Modern Minimalist
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Keeping it simple still creates a statement in any celebration. This theme focuses on what is truly necessary and makes things look uncomplicated. Couples need to reconsider traditions and only include people and details that are meaningful for the both of them. Because in truth, couples only need each other, a license, and an officiant. Everything else is just a bonus!

  1. The New Normal

While this is not actually a theme and more of a trend, it does promote the safety and hygiene for everyone who is participating in the celebration of marriage. Couples can choose to embrace this new lifestyle with purposeful wedding favors such as customized sanitizer bottles and masks. 

Zoom weddings are also part of the new normal. This app is not only exclusive for work anymore, because it is now one of the primary ways to keep in touch with loved ones. Zoom has allowed people who are unable to attend in person to still become part of a couple’s special union. 

So round up your wedding planner, suppliers, and trusted catering services and make your dream wedding come to life. If you’re still undecided on what theme to choose, that’s okay! What’s important is that you will still get to celebrate the love that you have for each other.