March Birthday Ideas for Kids

It is always hard to think of new ways to celebrate your kid’s birthday every year. Especially when their birthday is on March—just when school is about to end and kids’ energy is as high as the roof. As parents, you need to come up with a solid birthday plan to give them a good birthday celebration. And if you are already starting to feel anxious, you are in luck. Stellaire, a trusted and affordable catering service in Cavite, is here to help! Here are 10 March birthday ideas for your kid’s birthday party.

Wildlife Birthday Party

There is nothing wrong with a Wildlife theme for a birthday party, especially if the World Wildlife Day is being celebrated in the month of March! Fill your kid’s birthday party with various wildlife decorations. Go with olive green and soft brown as the party’s color palette, put up animal balloons or safari illustrations. You can even have the cake or cupcakes shaped as a lion—the ultimate king of beasts. For games, you can make have fun wildlife-themed games as well. You can even make it educational so the kids can also learn a thing or two.

Little Red Riding Hood Birthday Party

Kids love fairy tales—that is for sure. A Little Red Riding Hood birthday party will be a spooky and fun celebration! Bring out the red capes, the wooden baskets, the spooky forest decorations and props, and the big bad wolf decorations. You can also serve Little Red Riding Hood-themed cookies or cupcakes to the guests. This unique birthday party idea also goes with the International Day of Forests that is celebrated on the 21st day of March!

Floral Birthday Party

A Floral birthday party is truly one of the good spring birthday party ideas, one will fit perfectly well with your daughter’s birthday. Now, we obviously do not have spring season here in the Philippines. But in other countries, spring is in March, so a floral theme would be a great choice! Decorate the venue with pastel colors and paper floral embellishments. Put flower vases in every table as the centerpiece. You can even let your daughter and her friends wear floral outfits!

Arts & Crafts Birthday Party

You can also go with creative March birthday ideas such as an Arts and Crafts birthday party. This one is simple yet creative, and can really keep the children preoccupied while they try to have fun. You can serve some sort of decorate-your-own-cupcake, offer face painting, DIY bracelets and paintings, and more! Kids will surely love getting to create artworks and trinkets on their own. Parents and guardians will get to have fun as well.

Pool Birthday Party

What better way to celebrate a March birthday than to jump in the pool? Celebrate your kid’s birthday in a pool setting, where kids can swim as long as they want, play fun pool games, and stay cool under the sun. With a casual theme like this, you can have more freedom when it comes to the decorations and food. Simple balloons and pool party props can work, and for the food, you can serve something simple such as burgers and barbecue.

Wonder Women Birthday Party

National Women’s Day is also celebrated in March, so for your daughter’s birthday party, why not have a Wonder “Women” Birthday party? Not only you and your daughter get to celebrate her birthday, but you also get to honor the wonderful female heroes and superheroes. Have the guests dress up as female superheroes including, of course, Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Storm, Katana, and more! In a way, you are also helping your daughter and her friends top become strong women in the future. This kind of theme is one of the significant March birthday ideas that will truly be remarkable.

Basketball-Themed Birthday Party

You can also go with a basketball-themed birthday party for your son! This is good choice for a birthday party theme, especially if he and his dad are a fan of basketball. Make the venue look like a basketball court, put up basketball props and decorations, and you can even put up a poster of your son’s favorite basketball player! You can also do games that are inspired by basketball for an ultimate basketball-themed birthday party.

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

A Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party is also a good choice and one of the unique March birthday ideas you can go with. With a theme like this, you can do the birthday party outdoors and have the kids explore and hunt for clues and prices. You can also include more Scavenger Hunt games if you feel like the main Scavenger Hunt is too easy. It is also best to tell parents and guardians not to dress their kids with something fancy as they will surely get dirty while doing the Scavenger Hunt.

Marvel-themed Birthday Party

If your son loves comics, he will definitely love a Marvel superhero-themed birthday party. This kind of birthday party theme will surely be a hit among his friends. Tell them to come as various Marvel superheroes. Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man, anyone! You can even give a prize to the one who comes with the most creative costume! This is one of the great March birthday ideas as it can help excite the kids for the next Avengers movie, Avengers: Endgame, this April.

Emoji-inspired Birthday Party

Kids nowadays are very in tune with the digital world, so why not have a unique emoji-inspired birthday party? Set up emoji illustrations and decorations, serve cupcakes or cookies that are designed as emoji’s, set up a photo booth where they can use emoji masks and props. This fun birthday party theme will surely be unforgettable.

And there you go! Those March birthday party ideas will surely give you an insight on how to celebrate your kid’s March birthday! If you are still wary, check out some children’s party tips and advices that could help you further. With affordable kiddie party packages and a good theme, you can give your kid a great birthday party! One that he or she will truly remember for the rest of the year!

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