Children’s Party Ideas, Tips, and Advices

Children’s birthday parties have this sort of magic, especially to the kids. There are fun games, delicious food, and they get to have a good time with all their friends. Now if you want to make your own child’s birthday party magical, you need to consider a lot of things and go through careful preparation. Stellaire, a trusted and affordable catering service in Cavite, knows a thing or two about children’s birthday parties. Here are various children’s party ideas, tips, and advices that will surely help you as a parent!

Saving Money

You do not need to break the bank just to come up with a great birthday for your child. What you need to do is be wise and be creative, so that you can save money in your kid’s parties planning. Here are some tips on how you can save money!

Ditch paper invitations

Paper invitations, though very traditional and formal, can be costly. Yes, they can be beautiful, and yes, they are the most known way of inviting someone, but the truth is they can cost you. Ditch these paper invitations and go digital instead. Invite your child’s friends and their parents via email or a simple Facebook message. You can even post a graphic photo of your invitation online, and have that circulate among those you want to invite. Not only is this easy, it also does not cost you any money.

Hold the party in the afternoon

Time your party in the afternoon, preferably somewhere after lunch and before dinner. This way you do not have to cook and serve a lot of food or a full meal, since your guests will not be expecting it. You can just whip up easy and light dishes that will fill them up for the duration of the party.


Another birthday advice, and perhaps a common in every birthday party, is to go DIY. This means you can do the party decorations or the party favors by yourself. This way you can be creative and you can avoid spending too much money on silly decorations and bad party favors. You can even invite your child to help you make the decorations and party favors, giving you a chance to bring a personal touch to the party.

Opt out of hiring entertainment

Since this is a kid’s birthday party, games and activities will be expected. A kid’s birthday party planner would suggest to hire entertainment like clowns, magicians, or balloon shows, but again, these could be costly. Instead of hiring other people, do the entertainment on your own. You do not have to do magic or try to do balloon animals, just have a series of activities for the kids where they will surely have fun. You can even let the parents or guardians join in, too, so that all the guests at your child’s birthday party is entertained.

Do it at home

Another tip to save money on your child’s birthday party is to do the party at home. Doing it at a venue somewhere else sounds great but this can cost a lot, especially if the venue you will be choosing is a little bit expensive. Do the party at home instead. It saves you money, time, and effort. Not to mention that the guests will definitely have an easier time locating your house than a different venue.

Cleaning Up Easy

Now, a children’s birthday party will be messy, especially if you are doing the party at your home. You can expect dirty dishes, spilled drinks, crumpled papers, plastic, and other clutter all over the place. To avoid having trouble, here are some advices for an easy cleanup.

Use paper plates and disposable cutlery

You can ensure an easy cleanup by using paper plates and disposable cutlery. If you are expecting a lot of guests—children along with their parents or guardians—then this can be a very good move. You do not want a lot of dirty dishes by the end of the day, and you certainly do not want broken dishes. Paper plates are easy to handle when eating and easy to throw away once the party ends. Using paper plates and plastic spoon and fork will definitely save you all the effort and time at the end of the day.

Have a trash can nearby

Make sure there is a trash can nearby and that it is visible to the guests. By doing this, people will be encouraged to throw clutter and trash properly, instead of just leaving it at a table or on the floor. This can also be very helpful as people can immediately throw their used plates and cups into the trash once they are done with their meals.

Be organized

Being organized can also be beneficial when it is time for cleanup. For example, having different tables for the food, the drinks, and the dinnerware can minimize the mess. You can also put a serving spoon to each dish so that people will not be confused. Rags can be placed in the table for drinks so that any spill can immediately be cleaned. Having everything organized in their separate tables will definitely pay off.

Making It Memorable

And of course, you should also think about how you are going to make the party memorable. This is all for your child after all, so you need to make sure that he or she and all the friends enjoy it. Here are some tips on how to make your children’s birthday party memorable.

Pick a good theme

Pick a theme that will fit perfectly with your child’s personality. If they are into superheroes, make the party Marvel-themed. If they are a sweet tooth, pick candies and sweets as a theme. If they are a bit adventurous, then pick an Adventure theme. Picking a good theme will ensure that your child will have a good time celebrating his or her birthday.

Serve a kid-friendly menu

It is also important to consider the menu for the birthday party. The guests will mostly consist of children, so make sure that the food you will serve are to their taste. Serve pasta, chicken, and finger foods which children love. You also do not need to cook a lot of servings since kids do not eat a lot and will probably be much more interested in the games and activities.

Get creative with games

All the children will definitely be waiting for the games in the birthday party. Have them play some classic games like Simon Says, Charades, Freeze Dance, and Three-legged Race. Or you can invent your own game that will put a twist to your child’s birthday party. You can even invite the other parents to play. Do not be afraid to be creative, just make sure that they are safe and appropriate.

Make sure your child have a good time at his or her own birthday party. With these children’s party ideas, tips, and advices, your child will surely experience one magical birthday party to remember.

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