Ice Cream Wedding Cakes to Try

Though it is evident that the bride and the groom are the stars of the wedding reception, there is another thing that can and will steal everyone’s attention: the wedding cake. Everyone in the reception will be waiting for the wedding cake, and will look at the newlyweds with awe and excitement once they finally cut through that multi-tiered cake. Though the traditional white wedding cake is what Filipinos are used to, it is not necessarily the only way to go. Engaged couples who are going to tie the knot can opt for something else—an ice cream wedding cake.

Now, an ice cream cake is a sponge cake filled with ice cream or large-quantity ice cream in the shape of a cake with layers of sponge cake, and can have several of flavors. Serving an ice cream wedding cake will definitely be a good alternative if you want something new and unique to make your union even extra special and memorable. There are several ice cream shops that offer various ice cream cakes you can serve at your wedding. But if you want to save a little bit of money, you can just go ahead and make it yourself. The Internet is filled with various ice cream cake recipes, and you and you future husband or wife can bond and make your ice cream wedding cake together. Stellaire, a trusted and affordable catering service in Cavite, put together a list of ice cream wedding cake flavors you might want to try. Take a look at them below!

#1 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake

Almost everyone loves chocolate chip as an ice cream flavor. Why not try it for your ice cream wedding cake? Kids and adults are guaranteed to love this! Get the recipe from Life Love and Sugar. (Image source: Life, Love and Sugar)

#2 Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

This Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake can symbolize the love you and your partner have for each other. The moist Red Velvet cake will definitely go well with the creaminess of the ice cream, the perfect desert for your wedding reception. Get the recipe here at Life Love and Sugar! (Image source: Life, Love and Sugar)

#3 Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream Cake

Strawberries and cream definitely go well together, just like you and your significant other. Get the recipe from Diethood now to make your own ice cream wedding cake! (Image source: Diethood)

#4 Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake

Cookies and Cream is also a favorite among the masses, especially if it involves Oreos! Check out this recipe from Chelsea’s Messy Apron and you might just have your ice cream wedding cake figured out! (Image source: Chelsea’s Messy Apron)

#5 Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

You can also incorporate the famous banana dessert into your ice cream wedding cake! Know how to make one from Brown Eyed Baker! (Image Source: Brown Eyed Baker)

#6 Coffee Meringue Ice Cream Cake

This coffee-infused cake can be the ideal ice cream wedding cake for couples who are cappuccino lovers! Get the recipe from Martha Stewart! (Image Source: Jonathan Lovekin in Martha Stewart)

#7 Nutella Crunch Ice Cream Cake

This mouthwatering chocolate ice cream cake is made with everyone’s favorite hazelnut spread Nutella and Rice Krispies. Know how to make one from A Family Feast. (Image Source: A Family Feast)

#8 Rainbow Ice Cream Cake

For a more creative (and bigger) take on an ice cream wedding cake, try this Rainbow Ice Cream Cake by Delish! It has seven layers filled of ice cream-goodness! (Image Source: Chelsea Lupkin in Delish)

#9 Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake

Why choose one flavor, when you can have all three classics for your ice cream wedding cake? Check out this Neapolitan ice cream cake recipe from Life, Love and Sugar. (Image Source: Life, Love and Sugar)

#10 Mint Chip Ice Cream Cake

This ice cream cake is the perfect blend of creaminess and minty goodness suitable after the meals at your wedding reception. Learn the recipe from Bon Appétit. (Image Source: Bon Appétit)

So, not only is an ice cream wedding cake special, unique, and Instagram-worthy, but it can also strengthen the bond between you and your partner, as well as the people in your wedding reception. Browse through these different ice cream cake recipes, and make sure to pick one that will shine on your wedding day.

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