Hosting a New Year's Eve Party at Home

Christmas might be over but the holidays is certainly not! The end of 2018 is fast approaching and a new year is ready to take over. It is only fitting that the New Year is welcomed with a bang, so why not have your a party at your house? Hosting a New Year’s Eve party at home will be a great idea especially if you have a lot of family and friends who want to spend New Year’s Eve with you. You could get a trusted and affordable catering service to help you prepare for your party, but you could also do the New Year’s catering yourself. Here are 10 catering ideas for New Year’s Eve at your home and helpful tips for hosting a party!

Keep the decorations simple

You want to be festive and fun to welcome the New Year, but you also do not want to be over the top. Keep the decorations simple so as to not suffocate your visitors too much. And because Christmas season here in the Philippines lasts even until January the next year, you can definitely extend your Christmas decorations and use it for your New Year’s Eve party. Simple Christmas lights and centerpieces will do.

Make a lot of finger foods

It is not a prerequisite that you make a big meal. Everyone at the party will be too busy socializing or playing games so they definitely will not be eating a lot of food. Stick to Filipino finger foods and make a lot of them. Fried Lumpia is definitely a favorite among Filipinos so make sure you have enough. Two or three main dishes are enough, unless of course, you are hosting a New Year’s Eve Party for truly a lot of people.

Have a separate table for the drinks and the desserts

To avoid confusion and unexpected spills or clutter, be organized and have a separate table for the drinks and the desserts. This allows people to be more organized since they will surely visit the dining table multiple times all throughout the party. Having separate tables also means there is more space for stacking dinnerware properly. This is one of the home catering ideas that will truly be helpful for you.

Weigh in pros and cons of using dinnerware and paper plates

For a much easier cleanup, use paper plates and disposable cutlery. This saves you a lot of time and effort since all you have to do is gather the used plates and put them on the trash. However, using paper plates and disposable cutlery may not be the most eco-friendly thing to do. Using the dinnerware, on the other hand, requires a lot of time and effort but will not cause harm to the environment. It is important that you think this one through.

Stash the fireworks at a safe place

Filipinos love using fireworks and firecrackers when it comes to celebrating the New Year, that is for sure. But one should also be responsible when it comes to these things. No matter how beautiful and awe-inspiring fireworks are, they can also be very dangerous. Make sure to keep the fireworks and firecrackers at a safe place and out of reach of children. If you are not going to use them yet, it is best that they are hidden somewhere safe.

Take it easy on the alcohol

Alcohol is also expected at New Year’s Eve parties and get-togethers. However, that does not mean you should provide ridiculous amounts of alcohol at your party. People might get too rowdy and can lead to disorderly conduct and unfortunate accidents. You want to celebrate the New Year in a good time, not the other way around.

Keep the games fun and safe

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party at home also means you are in charge of the games and activities. Make sure you choose games that are fun and wholesome and completely safe for both kids and adults. You could plan a different version of Bring Me, do a holiday-themed charades, or have an eating contest. Think of awesome prizes that can go with these games as well.

Provide great background music

Of course, you should also consider the music at your New Year’s Eve party. Make a playlist of all the greatest hits this year and play those songs all through the night. Or you could choose the classy instrumental versions of Christmas songs to give cozy holiday vibes. If those options are not to your liking, you can get a karaoke machine for your party instead. We Filipinos love karaoke so this will surely entertain everybody.

Get the camera ready

And because you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party at your home, you should not forget to take proper photos. Take a picture with your family and friends, take a picture of all the food you cooked, or take a picture of everyone enjoying the holiday games and activities. Whether these pictures will be posted on Facebook or will be printed, these are the memories you will remember as you move forward into 2019.

Have a plan for when the clock strikes midnight

The best and most-awaited part of the New Year’s Eve is when midnight strikes. Be sure you have a plan when it is finally time to welcome the New Year. Bring out those fireworks and light them up, or turn your backyard into a dancefloor and let everyone have a final dance party—whatever works. This is the time to celebrate and have fun with your family and friends.

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party at home is surely a good idea to welcome 2019. Grab you families, tell your friends, and keep these things in mind so that you can all celebrate the New Year with a blast.

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