Fun Graduation Party Themes this 2018

Graduation season is just around the corner! If you know someone who is graduating this year, celebrate this huge milestone with an incredibly fun party. To help you plan the perfect celebration, Stellaire Caterings & Events Services listed four grad party ideas that you can organize yourself or with the help of an affordable events service in Cavite!

Sail Away

Graduation is a time of sailing away from the safe harbor, so a nautical party would be the perfect theme especially if the graduate has plans to “sail away” from home.

The main color scheme for this theme is red, blue, and white. DIY ships made from of boxes and old furniture can add to the party’s excitement! From sailboat centerpieces to nautical rope elements, adding adorable details will definitely set your celebration apart.

Your guests can style themselves as seafarers or pirates, and you could go for a shipmaster attire!  Do not forget to serve your guests nautical-themed desserts. You can place bite-sized appetizers in hand-folded paper boats while serving ginger nautical knots, sailor cake pops, and lifesaver donuts.

Lastly, go all out with entertainment! Have fun with your friends and loved ones by playing pin-the-octopus-tentacle game, treasure hunting, or any nautical related games.

Chalkboard Cheers and Memories

The possibilities are endless when it comes to chalkboard parties – you can easily customize chalkboard standees, backdrops, and arches.

You could send out invitations designed as mini chalkboards with photos of the graduate at various stages in life. A tribute chalkboard of the graduate is also a must! Photos with the guests can also be displayed to show how important they are.

The graduates’ most precious toys, awards, medals, clothing, and anything that means so much to the graduate can also be used in decorating the event place.

As a tribute to the celebrant, guests can wear the usual style of the graduate. They might even be able to copy the graduate’s past hair styles or even his/her funny fashion choices!

For giveaways and memorabilia, there are a lot to choose from with this kind of theme like chalkboard notebooks, wall arts, and mini standees.

The Traveler

If the graduate is travelling somewhere as part of life after school, this is the perfect theme! For the invitations, you can show the places where the graduate is going to visit. You can include a map of the place, postcards, or even the route that the graduate will take.

For the party decorations, you can set out a large map of the graduate’s itinerary. Do not forget to display traveler essentials like cases, hats, sunglasses, roads, and even the tourist information or famous landmarks of the place. The flag of the country can also be added as table centerpieces.

For the food, simply serve the cuisine of the place that the graduate will visit.

Bright Future

The color scheme of the party could also be the graduate’s favorite color or school colors. For the decorations, the venue should be filled with the right colored balloons, table covers, place cards, plates, and lighting.

The food should also go with the party’s color scheme. You could experiment with colorful candies, drinks, gelatins, and cupcakes with colored frosting. For the fun part, energize the party with color-related games like colored treasure hunt, color sorting of M&Ms, and the famous Color Twister!

No matter what theme you incorporate in your graduation party, do not forget to be creative and of course, have a blast! Get a catering service with affordable events in Cavite that will surely make your celebration more eventful.