Four Red Flags for Your Wedding Services Provider

Your dream wedding can only come into fruition if you have all the key points down pat. That usually means getting a veteran wedding supplier that can handle the events side of your big day. The quality of your provider can make or break things for you or your guest.

You can’t just go with any ordinary contractor to take care of your wedding. This is why you have to keep an eye out for any possible signs that your prospective supplier would do more harm than good for you. Let’s look at four red flags to look for in a possible wedding services provider.

Lack of Documents

Like any other reputable company, a wedding services provider will provide a contract to the client, covering all the services they’ve agreed upon for the wedding day. This contract includes everything from the payment schedules to the number of chairs for the guests. Your supplier must provide a copy of the contract within seven days at least, with a maximum of 14 days as a grace period. Any contractor who fails to provide a contract without valid reason within this time should be considered risky. A lack of an acknowledgement receipt should also raise suspicions.

Extra Fees

Many suppliers utilize a down payment method that provides more flexibility for couples who can’t afford to fully pay for the event in one go. On the provider’s side, this ensures that the clients will continue to avail of their services and eventually pay off the full fee at an agreed-upon timeframe. Some providers advertise their down payment plans to attract more clients. If you end up choosing a provider but the down payment they’re asking for is suddenly higher for no reason, that is a sign that you should switch to a different firm. Your prospective service provider should be able to justify any extra fees they add to the initial payment; otherwise, they’re only inviting trouble.

Lack of Communication

Wedding service providers must keep in touch with their clients throughout the preparation and event period. They must always post constant updates, pointing out the progress of their work and ensuring that clients are informed about every step. A supplier that does not regularly communicate with a client should trip some flags. One can forgive smaller outfits if they fail to maintain a regular messaging schedule because they lack the resources; a supposedly larger firm must be scrutinized more closely.

Know-it-All Mindset

Couples hire wedding providers because they have the experience to handle such events. They can devise plans that best suit a couple’s vision of their dream wedding, and can do so quickly and efficiently. They also pay attention keenly to what their client says so they can fit the pieces neatly. A provider that ignores their clients’ wishes and imposes their own style on the wedding prep is a provider not worth staying with for longer. Avoid any wedding supplier that insists that they know more about how a couple’s wedding should be.


A wedding can only work well if every aspect operates properly and in-sync with everything else. Pay attention to the wedding providers you’ve signed up for, and see to it that they do not trip any flags that paint them as a less-than-stellar service provider.