Five Suggested Locations for Your Dream Debut

Every teen dreams of getting their dream debut. They plan for it years ahead, preparing everything from the guests to the food to the theme. To many pre-debutantes, however, the location is just as important as every other factor in their future event.

Debut party locations tend to be the tried-and-true areas like the home or some fancy restaurant or hotel. However, many debut service providers recommend a variety of other spots to celebrate your special day in. Let’s look at five of these dream debut locations below.

Bar Party

If you’re the type that prefers casual affairs to stuffy and pompous events, consider setting your debut plans at a local restaurant-bar. Many bars offer good food and drink options for occasions, with special addons in some cases. Such locations provide a more relaxed atmosphere than big ballrooms, with less stuffy dress codes to boot. They are also the spot of choice if you prefer to invite only the most intimate guests.

Beach or Pool

If dress codes aren’t your thing and you’d rather enjoy a dip in the nice, cool water, a beach or poolside party might be more to your liking. Enjoy a diving or snorkeling trip, go boat-riding, get a suntan, and cap the whole beach trip with a night-time barbecue. Go beyond conventional pool events and enjoy a night swim with friends and family, with finger foods to match.

Outdoor Spot

This rather outlandish suggestion works if you’re the type that prefers to go to the great outdoors to have a good time. Spend the day mountain-climbing or hiking and do camp-out dinner under the stars. Visit your local greenery park and have a fancy picnic. The more extreme types can even enjoy their debut after a session of skydiving or off-roading.


If you want an intimate debut event but you want to have control of your entertainment, consider reserving a karaoke place instead. Karaoke centers provide the same selection of food and refreshments and the same atmosphere and space, with the added bonus of letting you choose what types of music you can have for the night. No need to stick to a single music theme; just take the controller and pick whatever song you want to sing.


Parties can get very hectic with all the guests and staffers running around. Why not take that all away and spend your 18th birthday relaxing and getting your beauty rest? Sign up for a full rejuvenation package at your local spa or salon. Get your nails done and have you and your guests get custom nail designs. Take a dip in a relaxing hot spring to melt all your worries away.

Your debut is an exciting time in your life, so it is best to commemorate it by going beyond. Talk to your events provider to check what setup best fits you.