Easy Kids Birthday Cakes You Can Do At Home

Birthday parties sometimes cost a fortune, especially if it is your son or daughter’s very first. Of course, you want it to be special, you want them to have fun and enjoy the food. Now, you can save yourself from spending too much by hiring an event catering service that offers affordable kiddie party packages. Or you can just avoid buying a commercial kids’ birthday cakes altogether, and try baking one yourself.

Baking your kid’s birthday cake does not only save you money, but it is also makes it more special and personal. So, if you have an oven at home, go ahead and bake the birthday cake, Stellaire, a trusted and affordable catering service in Cavite, will help you! Here are easy kids birthday cakes you can do at home!

Vanilla Chiffon Cake

You cannot go wrong with a vanilla chiffon cake. This kids birthday cake is easy to make and easy to decorate, and so, it is good choice for you make at home. You can use different-colored buttercream frostings and icing to decorate it with various designs or words. You can also use the rainbow sprinkles to decorate further. Kids will surely love the bright and colorful addition. Check out this vanilla chiffon cake recipe from Panlasang Pinoy!

Peppa Pig Kids Birthday Cake

Cartoons are definitely a hit among kids, and Peppa Pig is no stranger to them. Bake a cake and decorate it to look like the famous cartoon character just like this cake from Two Sisters Crafting. You can use frosting, fondants, M&M’s, or cake toppers. If your son or your daughter happens to be a big Peppa Pig fan, then this birthday cake idea is certainly the one for them.

Frozen Birthday Cake

Frozen hit the big screen almost six years ago, but the hype is still there, especially since Frozen 2 will be released later this year. This is the perfect time to bake a Frozen-inspired birthday cake your kid’s birthday! You do not have to make it look grand all. Just use blue and white frostings, some Frozen-inspired cake toppers, and voila! You have yourself a Frozen Birthday cake for you kid. This is definitely one of the kids cake ideas that all kids will love. Check out this recipe from Unoriginal Mom for reference.

Pineapple Cake

Fruity kids birthday cakes are also a good idea! And not just a cake with fruity flavors, as in a birthday cake that is decorated to look like the fruit! This birthday cake idea from Kara’s Party Ideas features a Pineapple birthday cake for a Tropical-inspired birthday theme. Yellow frosting is piped all around the cake, and a pineapple crown is placed on top. It is fun, unique, and will certainly be highlight of your kid’s birthday party.

Ube Cake

Ube is a favorite among Filipinos, and it will certainly make a good birthday cake for your son or daughter. With its vibrant purple hue, its sweet Ube taste, plus the moist cake, this can definitely be a good choice. An Ube kids birthday cake is also unique one, as most birthday cakes are either chocolate or vanilla. Check out this Ube birthday cake recipe from The Unlikely Baker.

Safari-inspired Cake

If your son or daughter’s birthday party is Safari-themed, you need a Safari-themed cake as well! Using Mainly Spoons achieved this by decorating the top of the cake to look a lion (or a very cute cub!), and then placing chocolate cupcakes around the cake to make it look like the lion’s mane. Truly creative indeed! Kids will surely love this cake design, and it will do incredibly well with the theme you have chosen for the party.

Classic Chocolate Cake

And of course, a classic chocolate cake can never be removed from the preexisting ideas of kids birthday cakes in our minds. The moist cake, sweet frosting, plus the chocolatey goodness all kids love will surely make a good birthday cake for your son or daughter. If they also happen to be a big fan of chocolate, then you should definitely go ahead with this kind of birthday cake. Check out this old-fashioned chocolate cake recipe from Yummy PH.

Lemon Raspberry Cake

If sweet vanilla and chocolate cakes are not to your kid’s liking, then you can go opt for a tart and fruity birthday cake. This Lemon Raspberry Cake from Life Love and Sugar is a blend of sweet raspberry frosting and tart lemon curd. This birthday cake definitely deviates from the usual kids cake ideas, but it is a good choice nonetheless. Its light pink frosting can also go well with a pastel birthday theme for your daughters.

Basketball-inspired Cake

If your kid is a big fan of basketball, NBA and PBA players, and more, you can bake a birthday cake and decorate it to look like a basketball! This will definitely a big hit among his friends. It is also easy to make so you will not have to go to extreme lengths to make it look good as the design is simple enough. This basketball cake recipe from Dukes and Duchesses used orange frosting and orang and brown M&M’s for the decorations.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cupcakes

And if you want something a little bit different that a cake, making birthday cupcakes is a good plan, too. These Mickey Mouse cupcakes from Lil Luna is truly creative and quite fun to make. You only need some frosting and Oreos, and you have yourself an awesome Mickey Mouse cupcake! You can be sure that kids will love this idea! Plus, it fits well with Disney-inspired birthday party for little kids.

You can make your kid’s birthday party special (and thrifty), if you try and bake these awesome kids birthday cakes! And if you already know good children’s party ideas and tips, then you can definitely give your child a birthday to remember!

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