Corporate Event Themes for Great Company Parties

Whether you have something to celebrate, a new product to launch, or you simply want to unwind, company parties are a great way to do these all. Not only is it for the company, but it is also for the employees—a chance to socialize and bond with each other. For this to work though, a unique and appropriate event theme is needed. There are many event themes out there, but you only need one that will make your company party great. Fortunately for you, Stellaire, a trusted and affordable catering service in Cavite, listed down company party themes that you and your employees can thoroughly enjoy. Here are corporate event themes that would make great company parties!

Indoor Event Themes

Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland theme is great for holiday parties or end-of-the-year gatherings. For decorations, you can simply hang white and silver garlands or white and blue crystals, hang cutouts of snowflakes, and put up snowy trees or poinsettias all over the place. For the food, you can simply whip up any easy Christmas party food. But if you want something else that goes along with the theme, you can also serve cookies decorated like snowmen, snowball party punch, or an icy tropical slush. With a little help from the Internet, you will be able to whip up some Winter-inspired food.

Masquerade Ball

A Masquerade ball-themed corporate event is also a good choice. It is a blend between being creative and showing off formal attires, so it will definitely be a fun theme. You can decorate the dining tables with elegant centerpieces, and even put up other sequined decorations and props that would make the venue look like a grand hall. For the food, you can serve classic pasta dishes, grilled fish, or kebabs. Make sure to stick with food that are easy to prepare and easy to eat.

Harry Potter

You can never go wrong with having Harry Potter as the corporate event theme. With a theme like this, employees have the chance to show their creative side and show their love for something else other than their work. For decorations, you can put cutouts of wands and broomsticks, or go all out and make the venue look like the inside of Hogwarts castle. For the food and beverages, you can go ahead and serve grilled sausages, mashed potatoes, chicken, or pudding—these are food that are usually seen in the Harry Potter world. And of course, do not forget the iconic Butterbeer.


Outdoor Event Themes

Classic Outdoor BBQ

You can enjoy your outdoor event with a classic outdoor barbecue theme. Take out marinated steaks, burgers, and hotdogs and grab your barbecue grills and get to grilling. You can partner these up with cold beer, lemonade, or some soda. With a company party theme like this, everyone can have the chance to relax, be casual, enjoy the outdoors, and eat delicious food. You do not even have to go over the top with decorations unlike other event themes. Picnic tables, checkered blankets, and rustic centerpieces are all you need.

Hawaiian Luau

If your company party’s venue is at a beach or a resort, a Hawaiian Luau theme is definitely fitting. For decorations, you can put up balloons, inflatables if you are in a private pool resort, table skirts, palm tree cutouts, and tropical centerpieces. For the food, you can serve some chicken kebabs, grilled burgers with fresh pineapple, Hawaiian potato salad, and coconut lemonade. After you all enjoy the food and go through the program event, you can now have all the fun and swim in the pool or the sea.


A Medieval-themed company party is one that people will not forget. It is unique and outs a creative twist to the corporate event. You can have people dress up us as warriors, knights, maidens, kings, and queens. For the venue, you can put up fake stone castle walls, knights shields and swords props, faux torches, and wood planks. And for the food, you can set it up buffet style to make it look like it is a feast for a king and his court.

Whatever the venue may be, whatever reason you are having a company party and are looking for an affordable party package, with a good event theme it will definitely be a great party to remember. So, take note of these corporate party themes and make sure you choose one that will bring the event to life.

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