10 Easy Christmas Party Food Ideas

Can you finally smell the Christmas spirit in the air? There is only a little over two weeks before Christmas, and other than the Christmas day itself, a lot of Filipinos also anticipate one thing: the Christmas parties! From schools, to companies, to neighborhoods, to various organizations, and even clans, people allot one day of getting together, playing games, eating Christmas party food, bonding, and celebrating this extraordinary occasion.

Now, if you happen to be organizing or helping in your very own Christmas party, you are in luck. Stellaire, a trusted and affordable catering service in Cavite, listed 10 easy Christmas party food ideas people of all ages can enjoy. From traditional Christmas food, to modern party desserts, this Christmas party food menu will surely be a hit! Take a look at them below!

Macaroni Salad

Macaroni salads are always expected at parties. They are light, they are creamy, they are undoubtedly easy to make, and they can be the perfect appetizer. Macaroni salads come in varieties and can have different ingredients such as chicken, carrots, and cheese. One thing remains constant though, the mayonnaise. So, make you sure you give that salad a generous amount of mayonnaise. If you want to give it a twist on the other hand, add cream cheese instead of mayonnaise just like this recipe from Yummy.

Spaghetti & Meatball Bites

Spaghetti is, of course, a staple Christmas party food. You can never go wrong with it. Kids just love that sweet Filipino style sauce, the hotdogs, ground pork, and the generous amount of cheese at the top. But if this is a Christmas party at the office and you want to deviate from the traditional Filipino spaghetti, try doing this Spaghetti and Meatball bites from Delish. Adults will love that rich and savory marinara sauce and meatballs that can be eaten in one bite.

Fried Lumpia

Almost everyone loves fried lumpia. It is Filipino’s own version of spring rolls, which can be eaten with or without rice, and can be paired with pasta, specifically, Filipino spaghetti. This finger food is only consists of a few ingredients making it an easy Christmas party food. This Filipino favorite will surely fit well with your Christmas party food menu.

Roasted Chicken

Now, usually, it is fried chicken that we see on the table at Christmas parties, but roasted chicken will be good (if not better!). Roasted chicken can easily be bought from various restaurants and food stores, but you can also cook it yourself. You can follow easy recipes on the internet just like this one from Pinoy Recipe. With the right ingredients, careful procedure, and the proper equipment, you can have a home cooked roasted chicken at the Christmas party!

Christmas Ham

Christmas Ham, or hamon as it is locally known, is one Christmas dish that Filipinos always look forward to in the holiday season. The sweet and succulent meat paired with the pineapple sauce makes a good Christmas party food for kids and adults alike. The best thing about Christmas ham is that every grocery has it and cooking it is not complicated at all.

Leche Flan

A staple in various occasions and parties, this custard dessert is a favorite among the Filipino people. With just four main ingredients (egg yolks, evaporated milk, condensed milk, and sugar), you can have a delicious crème caramel dessert. A dash of vanilla extract can help enrich the flavor of the custard. Leche flan will surely be a good addition to the Christmas party foods you are planning to serve. If you are a little hesitant with making this dessert, check out this Panlasang Pinoy recipe to help you!

Classic Filipino Fruit Salad

Is it even Christmas without the fruit salad? Probably not. You better add the classic Filipino fruit salad to your Christmas party food menu. You only need fruit cocktails, plus the addition of shredded coconut meat or pineapple bits. Mix those together with all-purpose cream and condensed milk and you now have the classic Filipino fruit salad at your hands.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

This Chocolate-themed dessert can add to the holiday spirit of your Christmas party. With its festive colors, it will surely attract kids and even adults. Preparing chocolate covered pretzels is easy. You only need pretzels, milk chocolate and white chocolate, and assorted toppings such as sprinkles and finely chopped nuts. Check out this Annie’s City Kitchen recipe for a more detailed step-by-step instructions. This new holiday treat will surely be fun and delicious!

Christmas White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another Christmas-themed dessert, the Christmas white chocolate chip cookies will be a scrumptious new addition to your Christmas party food ideas. Since everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie, why not put a little Christmas twist to it by adding red and green gel food coloring, and swapping the milk chocolate chips with white chocolate chips? This recipe from Plain Chicken can tell you exactly how to make these festive cookies.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

A Christmas party will not be completed without the drinks. Try serving peppermint hot chocolate to your party. It is warm, festive, and delicious. It might be a little unconventional and new, but kids and adults will definitely love it after a day filled with energy-consuming games and and tedious programs. This easy recipe from Little Spice Jar is the perfect one to follow if you want a warm and cozy drink at your hands at the end of the Christmas party.

Tips for Setting up Food Buffet-Style at the Christmas Party

Now, organizing a Christmas party can be troublesome, especially if you are the one assigned with the food, and most definitely if you do not have catering service to help you. Here are a few additional tips that might be able to help you set up the food at the Christmas party:

  • Stack serving plates properly, along with the spoons and forks. You can even place a cup filled with toothpicks for others’ convenience.
  • Place a serving spoon beside each dish.
  • Have a separate table for the drinks, and another one for desserts.
  • Set up another separate table for the dirty dishes. This will be convenient for everyone when they are finished eating, and convenient for you when it is finally time for cleanup.
  • Add centerpieces or decorations to the table for more appeal. Poinsettias are beautiful, festive, and can get everyone into the holiday spirit.

With Christmas fast approaching, you need a good game plan for the food at the Christmas party. With these easy Christmas party food ideas, you will surely get in touch with Christmas tradition and experience something new at the same time.

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