Checklist When Serving Drinks During Events

Making sure that important events go as planned is a demanding work. You have to check every aspect of the event from the theme, the venue, to the food, and even to the invitations. And although serving drinks seem unimportant, it actually holds a significance in the event.

Fortunately, Stellaire Caterings & Events Services, a trusted and affordable catering services in Cavite, is here to help you! Here is a checklist to remember when serving drinks during events.

✓ Know the audience

Event organizers should know the guests of the event well enough. You should consider the guests’ ages, their genders, and even where they come from. From these information, you will be able to get a feel of their drink preferences, whether they would like classic wine, beer, or even champagne.

✓ Start with appetizers before serving alcohol

Make sure you serve food, most probably finger food or appetizers, before you serve alcohol. It is important that you make sure your guests do not drink alcoholic beverages with an empty stomach. This makes people get drunk easier and having drunk guests at the early stages of an event can be a risk.

✓ Provide non-alcoholic beverages

Do not make the people who do not drink alcohol feel left out in the event, so provide non-alcoholic beverages as well. There will also be people who will not drink alcoholic beverages as they want to stay sober and professional for the rest of the event. Offer coffee, tea, soft drinks, or water to those who would like to avoid alcohol.

✓ Set the amount of alcohol you will serve

You should also be wary of the amount of alcohol you are serving to your guests. Too little and you will have them feeling dry; too much and you might be dealing with a rowdy crowd. If there are waiters handing out drinks during the event, have them count the times they serve drinks all around. One to two drinks per hour is advisable.

✓ Plan how you will serve drinks

Strategize on how you will serve the drinks during the event. Will there be a fixed bar in which guests can go to and ask for drinks?  Will there be waiters or catering staff handing out drinks throughout the event? Or will you opt for small beverage stations scattered at the venue? Consider each of these options and analyze which one will be the most appropriate and efficient for the event type and theme.

Whatever event you may be having, how you serve drinks will contribute to its success. Get in contact with a trusted and affordable catering services in Cavite today to help you in your special events! Various services such as affordable debut packages, wedding packages, and more can be availed!

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