Checklist When Looking For a Caterer

Food is perhaps one of the most anticipated highlights of any party, so make sure that you will serve your guests and the celebrant with something worth of their attendance. As hiring a caterer can be helpful, you can also end up with a stressful choice if you are not careful enough when choosing one. So here is a useful guide you can use when hiring the right caterer for your event!

Venue familiarity

Let your potential caterer know about the venue, but remember that it is a plus point if they are already familiar with it, and even better if they already worked there. There is a lot of awesome event places in Cavite which your potential caterer might have already come across! Ask if their site visit can be free of charge and inquire if you can have a tour at their kitchen facility. Never forget to ask if they will prepare the food off the location.

Event flow

A good event caterer will ask you questions on how you want your event to take place, but you can always ask them for suggestions. Know how many people from the catering staff will work during the event, who will be in charge on different servings, and how they will operate during the D-day.

Options for different dietary requirements

In a party where different types of people are gathered together, there will be guests with a variety of dietary requirements so do not forget to ask your prospective caterer how they can deal with such inevitable factor as there may be vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free people in your party – or even people with food allergies!

Source of ingredients

Healthy and high-quality food is wealth! Ask where the catering company buys the ingredients for the food they are going to serve. If they said it is from local farms or farmers’ markets, then you are in the right track because they make food from fresh and local products! Ensure that they can be trusted and they are not likely to cut costs by using cheap sources with less strict regulations on food maintenance.


Each catering services probably already has an answer prepared when asked about their expertise and what makes them unique; however, be sure you still ask these as you would want to work with a company that meets your specific needs.

Seek out the items on their menu. Do they offer pleasing sets of food? How do they describe it? Does their description make the food more enticing?

You can also ask the most popular question that would give a lot about the company: What distinguishes you from other caterers out there? One of the best event catering rentals here in Cavite, Stellaire Catering Services, is always ready to offer their specialty for your desired party – delightful food coupled with simple yet elegant decorations!

Leftover policy

This is an important matter as it says something about making the most of what you paid for. Ask the caterer how they are going to deal with the leftovers after your party. It can go as simply as wrapping up food for you to take home or it can go as far and charitable as sending the food to a non-profit. You can also distribute boxes of the food to the staff.

As the customer, you have all the freedom to inquire these things from an event caterer for you to start your plan right. Furthermore, make sure you are clear about your objectives, budget situation you can provide, and the flow of the entire event. To have that awesome party at an affordable price, get help from a catering rental now!