Bite-Sized Food to Spice up Your Party

Serving smaller food during a party seems such an appetizing and brilliant idea to let your guests enjoy a variety of menu. More than the affordability of these delicacies, it can be a DIY activity for you. You can also feature an endless option and style in your party. Listed below are some delicious food ideas for your party!

Mini fruit cups

Fruit Cups - Bite Size Foods To Spice Up Your Party | Stellaire

Colorful, delicious, and healthy. What more can you ask for? Mini fruit cups are an ace of the party menu. These are very easy to make – you simply make a combination of fresh, chopped fruits in decorated cups, glasses, or any other container. You can also partner them with light showers of syrups to make it flavorful and tastier. These nicely-decorated and healthy fruit cups will make the guest more excited to dig in!

Mini cupcakes

Mini Cupcakes - Bite Size Foods To Spice Up Your Party | Stellaire

Cute mini cupcakes are a party classic! More than being a hit, most people consider these as the best mini desserts ever. Make sure to bake a huge batch of cupcakes as they will not last long when your guests keep wanting for more! One of the best things about this food is that you can experiment with endless toppings, frosting, flavors, and decoration to top them with. You can try the most popular flavors such as cheese, chocolate, vanilla, banana cupcakes – the list is endless!

Mini ice cream sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwiches - Bite Size Foods To Spice Up Your Party | Stellaire

The unique feeling of warm cookies combined with cold ice cream might appeal to your guests since this has been an ongoing trend already! Not only does it give a tasty combination, but it can also be eaten while walking around with no worries about spilling them. Besides, the size makes it easier and more convenient to consume, so go ahead and make a big batch of this to place on your table!

Bite-sized brownies

Bite-sized Brownies - Bite Size Foods To Spice Up Your Party | Stellaire

Another classic, these bite-sized brownies in your catering plan is not something you should miss out. Besides the quick preparation, you can experiment with different toppings and flavors. You can drizzle in some nuts, rainbow sprinkles, pretzels, cheese swirls, and many more.

It does not only appeal to a certain age group since it is everyone’s favorite dessert! So do not hesitate bringing in an abundant amount of these delicacies on your party menu.

Mini hotdog sandwiches

Mini Hotdog Sandwiches - Bite Size Foods To Spice Up Your Party | Stellaire

Hotdogs are a hit at any type of parties. While they can be combined with other food, they are best paired sandwiches. Creating mini versions of these sandwiches will surely make your guests come back for more.

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Bite Size Foods To Spice Up Your Party | Stellaire

This is definitely another part of the menu that has always been a classic favorite! Like cupcakes or brownies, cookies are easy to prepare and you can experiment on its flavors as well. Chocolate-flavored cookies in particular are undoubtedly most popular among all other flavors, so do not forget considering this one when planning on your small party menu.

These delicacies are everywhere and they are becoming a trend. Guests love these bite-sized creations for the creativity and their appetizing factor. Why not go for a delightful mini-food menu for your next event? Stellaire Catering Services, one of the best event catering rentals in Cavite can help secure your party a delicious and safe menu for your beloved guests!