Alternative Wedding Destinations to Tagaytay After the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious disruptive effect on the lives and livelihood of many people throughout the world. With people stuck at home to prevent the spread of the disease, many activities that are considered routine got thrown out the window. The simple acts of going to the grocery, reporting for work, or visiting a friend have become a bit more difficult because of all the restrictions and paperwork one has to remember. Many event planners and catering services providers in Cavite and other places have had to reschedule the programs they were supposed to handle, too.

If you happen to have plans to hold a wedding event in Tagaytay after all this is over, you might expect things to be a bit hectic. Chances are, many people have already booked the top spots in the city, and any other event plans will have to wait behind a large backlog of requests. If you plan to hold or host a wedding event anytime after the pandemic, you will have to look at alternative places to hold your event, like these locations below.

Alfonso Gardenside Wedding

For starters, you can always go look at places close to Tagaytay for an alternative wedding venue. If you’re not planning to go far, Alfonso has its own offerings that you’d want to consider. One such location is Sonya’s Garden, an out-of-the-way restaurant and events place notable for its flower-laden paths and secret garden. Nothing is more romantic than exchanging vows under the hibiscus- and hydrangea-laden arches with the sunlight piercing through gaps in the brush.

Down the Slope to Pico Sands

Batangas is a great destination to consider if you’re looking for places near Tagaytay that would work as great alternative wedding venues. While its vast array of beach resorts may seem like the logical choice, you might prefer visiting some of its mountain destinations like the Pico Sands. Pico Sands is a hotel and resort nestled in the Pico de Loro cove, right next to the slopes of the famous mountain. The combination of mountain views, a crystal-clear lakeside, and exclusive access to one of the best beaches in Nasugbu, Pico Sands gives wedding planners a multitude of options to make a memorable nuptial for their clients.

Period Piece Atmosphere at the Casa Manila Patio

Many brides-to-be are enchanted by the idea of themed weddings. Whether it’s a literal fairy tale, a festive luau, or a fancy coattails-only affair, there’s a unique theme for everyone. If you happen to be the type that likes historical period dramas and want to make your nuptial look something out of one, head out to the Casa Manila Patio in Intramuros. This venue is hidden among the inner walls of the historical Walled City, with a classic atmosphere thanks to the cobblestone buildings and the fancy fountain centerpiece. This place is also available at affordable rates, and combined with its close proximity, makes it one of the fancier of the budget locations to hold weddings and other events.

To The Shores of Dakak

Dakak is touted as one of the finest beachside locations in the South, with a variety of recreational amenities that appeals to every member of the family. Couples can choose to treat guests to a watery vacation in the water theme park, have a swing of a time at the carnival enjoy a sunset wedding on the beach, or keep things intimate with an exciting helicopter ride.

Island Adventures in Balesin

Some people like the idea of an isolated island getaway because of the mystique that the idea provides. There are couples out there who like the idea of island weddings because of the out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere, being a step above from a simple beach wedding. In this regard,  Balesin Island is a good choice to visit. This small island in Quezon province is isolated enough that you’d feel like you’re in a different world entirely. On the other hand, it still offers a lot of modern luxuries for both couples and wedding guests, even providing sporty forms of recreation during the duration of their stay.


The COVID-19 pandemic may have put a dampener on your dream wedding plans, but that doesn’t mean it’s all over for you. We hope that these suggestions can help you get back that dream nuptial event you’ve always wanted to have.