5 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Admit it. Wedding receptions in the Philippines are often patterned after the famous beach theme, the garden theme, and the good old classic wedding theme. If you are someone who has been to a lot of Filipino weddings and wedding receptions, you know that most wedding receptions feel alike even if they do not look the same.

If you are a bride, or a wedding planner, who is running out of ideas to make your Philippine wedding reception unique to stand out from all the other receptions you have attended, the worry is over! Stellaire Catering & Event Services, a wedding catering service from Dasmariñas, has 5 unique wedding reception ideas which will make your Filipino wedding one of a kind!

The World of Harry Potter

Make the most magical day of your life also enchanting for your guests by immersing them into the world of Harry Potter. You can use the Great Hall as an inspiration to decorate your reception venue by hanging Hogwarts house banners, or by using wood-carved owls, Grimoire-looking books, and medieval candlesticks as centerpieces. The Harry Potter world is also rich with iconic items you can incorporate in your wedding such as Hogwarts letter-inspired wedding invitations and magic wand replicas as souvenirs. This theme works even better for couples who are avid fans of the Harry Potter books and films!

A Zombie Wedding

Nope, the bride, groom, and wedding guests do not have to wear gory zombie makeups. The Zombie Theme can easily be applied by dressing the reception venue more like a Halloween party and giving away souvenir cupcakes with edible miniature brain toppings. Maybe you can even save up expenses by reusing old Halloween decorations. Now it is just up to the cake artist to bake a gorgeous zombie-inspired wedding cake. With only few Filipino couples who have done a zombie-themed wedding, a wedding reception like this will be really memorable for the guests!

Futuristic Science Fiction

Have you ever seen a science fiction wedding here in the Philippines? If not, then you may be the first among your family and friends!

Science fiction, commonly called sci-fi, could be a fun wedding theme especially for couples who love science and technology, including couples who are simply fans of various sci-fi books and films. Weddings with Star Wars and Star Trek themes have already been done in foreign countries – the bride and groom even wore Storm Trooper masks.

With the Sci-fi Theme, you can provide your wedding reception caterers with sci-fi movie action figures and lava lamps—or even plasma globes, if you like—as centerpieces instead of the usual flowers and candlelight, making your wedding reception truly unique.

Travel Theme

As you have heard of garden themes and beach themes, why not try to incorporate both of them by having a travel-themed wedding reception? This Theme has a very broad concept you can use for almost everything about your wedding, not just at the reception. For instance, you can design your wedding invitations as plane tickets, postcards, or folded maps.

During the wedding reception, each dining table could be dressed after a popular feature of a famous place. For example, one table could have an Eiffel Tower model as a centerpiece to symbolize Paris, while another table could have beach-inspired decorations to represent the beautiful beaches in the Philippines and another table may be adorned with fern plants to represent the Amazon Rainforest.

Pinoy Perya (Filipino Carnival)

Filipino weddings are huge family events attended by the oldest and youngest family members. Since the concept of matrimony is something that only adults and young adults enjoy talking about, you usually find bored toddlers and children running around the wedding reception and looking for something to entertain themselves with.

Make the reception enjoyable for children too by having a Filipino Carnival Theme! Placing carnival-styled booths with locally popular carnival games will sure keep the kids occupied and may even prevent them from throwing tantrums caused by boredom. You may also use the theme to inspire the decorations, like hanging colorful banderitas and using miniature Ferris Wheels and carousels as centerpieces for the tables. Not only is this theme unique, but it is interactive too!

Have you decided on what wedding theme best suits you? In case you need more help in planning your wedding reception, you can browse through our various wedding packages!