5 Cool Gift Wrapping Techniques

Make your loved ones feel more loved by giving them uniquely-wrapped gifts! While customized gifts became a trend to make friends and families feel more special, why not customize the wrapping too? Amaze your loved ones with simple yet cool gift wrapping techniques that you may use for reunions, birthdays, and wedding reception events! Below are easy ways which will give your gifts a creative twist!

Wrap differently

Brown papers, Japanese papers, and dish towels used to be hip gift wrappers until they became mainstream. To make your gift packaging unique, use other kinds of paper that you think few people will think of using like old maps, old music sheets, or old newspapers. However, make sure that the pages are clean, dry, and crease-free, so they will look presentable when you hand them to your loved one.

If you are an artsy kind of person, you can also create a painting on a watercolor paper and then use the painting as a wrapper. You can even take wrapping differently to a whole new level by using other materials like fabric – an old shirt with amazing print designs may just be perfect to use for wrapping your gift.

Top ’em with gift toppers

Regardless of the kind and style, ribbons have always been gift toppers. Why not sway away from this cliché and create a gift topper that is personal to both you and the recipient? A very simple but personalized item you can use to top your gift is a small plastic or paper frame containing a picture of you and the person receiving the gift. If you think pictures are too cheesy, you can always consider other old or unused items like Scrabble letter tiles spelling Happy Birthday or Best Wishes. You can even use decorative feathers or personally-made origami.

Add music

Make your gift wrapping unique by tying jingling bells at the end of the ribbon. It will not only add a new look, but will even make your gift extraordinary! Just be sure not to do it on fragile gifts, in case your loved one decided to shake the gift wildly to hear the sound of those cute little bells.

Be irregular

The whole idea of these tips is to go against the status quo of gift wrapping. Since the usual gift shapes are rectangle boxes, circular boxes, and paper bags, go for an irregular shape like stars and hearts. Some stores sell star-shaped and heart-shaped boxes. If you cannot find one, you can search online for instructions on how to make gift wrappers in different shapes of animals and objects.

Use tin cans

Well, tin cans are not basically a gift wrapper, but they make an awesome container for such precious packages. As tin cans are not made of paper, they can protect your gift from getting wet. With some Japanese papers or bubble wrap to cushion your gift inside, the tin can is more capable of protecting fragile items than typical gift wrappers. If you have a knack of stashing those pretty biscuit tin cans even after all the biscuits are gone, then this is an opportunity to put those tin cans to good use!

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