15 Ideas for an Unforgettable Graduation Party

Graduation season here! Expect long posts on social media, graduation photos, behind-the-scenes of graduation pictorials and rehearsals, and more! Graduating is no small feat, and whether your child is with honors or not, you should show just how proud and happy you are for them. So, if you really want to do something special for them to celebrate their milestone, go throw a graduation party! This is a great way to celebrate with family and friends, and mark the end of a chapter in their lives. To help you, Stellaire, a trusted and affordable catering service in Cavite, listed down 15 graduation party ideas that will surely make the occasion unforgettable! Here they are:

#1 Memory Jar

A graduation symbolizes an ending but that does not mean that friendships should end as well. Place a “memory jar” in every table along with some notepads and pens. Have the guests, more specifically your child’s friends, to write how they met your child and became friends. Their favorite memory with your child works as well. This memory jar is one of the grad party ideas that will surely complete the event.

#2 Photobooth

Great memories and great people should be captured in photos! Set up a photobooth at the corner of the party venue and invite guests to take a picture when they arrive. Provide lots of fun and creative props so they have a variety of choices. You can also get props that are inspired by your child’s favorite show or movie so they can have fun with their friends.

#3 Photo Collage Board

Show the best memories of their high school life or their college life in a photo collage board. Pin up pictures of your child and their friends, activities in school, field trips, family events and occasions, and more. Both the guests and the celebrants will surely love peering into that photo collage board.

#4 Graduation Cap Cupcakes

For a fun and delicious treat, serve Graduation Cap Cupcakes at the graduation party! These little treats will be the perfect snacks and desserts throughout the party. All you need are mini chocolate cupcakes, chocolate-covered grahams, and mini M&Ms and you can assemble cupcakes that resemble graduation caps. See more of this recipe from Lil Luna!

#5 Balloon Surprise

Balloons are not uncommon when it comes to parties, but one way you can make it creative is by putting a little surprise inside. Put confetti inside other balloons, then put bills of money inside the rest. This can be an exciting game for the celebrant and the guests when the time comes.

#6 Sharing Advice

Graduation also means the start of a new chapter in life. So, to prepare your child for this new journey, have the guests, especially older family members and relatives, to write down advice, inspirations, encouragement, and words of wisdom. At the end of the party, your child will surely love reading these messages. Check out this creative DIY Graduation Advice Tree from Play Party Plan!

#7 Easy Taco Snack

During that graduation party, a lot of people will surely go around the venue talking to other guests, congratulating the celebrant, and more. To make snacks a lot easier for them, set up a table with bags of tacos and chips, meat, avocados, tomatoes, cheese. This is where guests can build their own taco snack and take it anywhere they go. See this brilliant idea from Less-than-perfect Life of Bliss.

#8 Jenga Guest Book

Instead of having the usual “guest book” where people will sign their names as proof or acknowledgment that they went to this particular event, make it more fun and exciting! This Jenga Guest Book idea from Must Have Mom is truly unique. Guests will sign on the Jenga blocks with their names plus short or sweet messages. Your kid plus the guests will surely love grad party ideas like these.

#9 Cake Roll Diplomas

Another fun and delicious treat? Cake Roll Diplomas! To pull this off you just need cake rolls smaller than the regular size to make them look like the diplomas being handed out on Graduation day. Tie a ribbon around the middle of the cake, and voila! See more of this awesome idea from Revel and Glitter.

#10 Hanging Lights

If you are having the graduation party outdoors and in the evening, the touch of hanging lights will surely spice up the place. It will give a soft aesthetic vibe and will surely add to the ambiance of the venue. Hang the lights on trees or tall plants, and let them shine once the dark sets in.

#11 Graduation Cap Cookies

Sugar Cookies are also a good snack for the party, and will be popular among young children if your child is just graduating elementary school. Use a cookie cutter so that the cookies will be shaped like little graduation caps, then design them with colorful icing—or even better, glitter! Check out this idea from Kristi Murphy.

#12 Graduation Cap Toppers

Graduation Cap Toppers would make a fun and cute decoration to the party! You can put these on soda bottle caps, on cupcakes and cakes, and on other pastries or sweets you will serve.

#13 School Pride Color Scheme

You can show you and your child’s school pride by decorating the venue and the whole party with the school colors. You can have these on cakes, on the decorations, even on tables and chairs at the party. There are Tiffany chair rentals in Cavite which you can decorate with the school colors. A great way to celebrate graduation indeed!

#14 Graduation Photo Wreath

You can also do a graduation photo wreath, in which you can display graduation photos of your child. You can hang this on the door or at the entrance of the venue as a welcome to the guests and as dedication to your child.

#15 Graduation Party Hashtag

And if you really want this grad party to be as memorable and unforgettable as possible, create a hashtag! This hashtag should represent your child’s graduation well. Encourage the guests to insert it on their posts and their pictures or videos during and after the party. This way, memories of the party will be easy to find and see, and your child will have no trouble at all remembering the special celebration.

Graduating—either elementary, high school, or college—is truly a great achievement, so make sure you give your child a graduation party that they will not forget. Take note of these creative grad party ideas or come up with your own and make that event stand out!

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