6 Wedding Trends to Watch for This 2018

Traditional wedding ideas and classic schemes will never go out of style, but it will not hurt to try something new.  If you and your partner are planning to have your wedding this 2018, you are right in time! Check out the latest wedding trends of 2018 that Stellaire Catering & Event Services, a wedding catering service in Cavite, has laid out for you!

The dress

When we hear about weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is the dress. Picking the bride’s dress is the most crucial and most anticipated part of wedding planning.

Traditionally, a long dress with fancy hem is a must-wear for brides, but as new trends arise and different cultures influence clothing styles, brides today choose to wear the uncommon order to stand out.

Lightweight and floaty dresses are perfect for an effortlessly romantic look. The Bohemian Style embraces the bride with enchanting beauty. This style is perfect for free-spirited brides who want to look perfect on their wedding day without the hassle that accompanies a traditional gown.

2018 Wedding Trend - The Dress | Stellaire

For a more simple and modern look, brides could go for tea-length dresses which could be just as dazzling as full-length gowns. These are perfect for outdoor and modern-themed weddings.

Adding a splash of color to your dress can also add drama to your wedding. Floral details transform the dress into a work of art and is perfect for garden and spring ceremonies.

The venue

Deciding on the location of the wedding is a pretty big deal. When a couple finally finds the perfect venue for their special day, the excitement begins! The venue will also influence many of the remaining details because a wedding venue will not only inspire the color scheme of the ceremony, but it will also inspire the bride’s style when she picks a wedding dress.

While outdoor weddings will always be an appealing choice, indoor venues, like industrial spaces, are the new trend. Often accompanied by visible pipes overhead, wooden pillars, and exposed brick walls, industrial spaces offer couples a rustic vintage or rustic modern look accompanied by a vast amount of space.

2018 Wedding Trend - The Venue | Stellaire

Another trend this 2018 is barn venues which can offer infinite potential for capturing breathtaking photos. Barn weddings offer a laid-back setting with scenic landscapes, wooden ceilings, and all-natural picturesque. This venue is perfect if you want a rustic-chic vibe to your wedding!

Lastly, raw spaces offer couples the chance to incorporate their envisioned aesthetic and leave their mark. It might be a disadvantage because finding the right caterer and the extra cost and, but there are many catering services, like Stellaire ,that offer diverse wedding packages.

The color scheme

Deciding the right color scheme for your special day is an important part of the over-all look and theme that you want to create. In 2018, we will see more neutral, elegant, and soft colors. Check out these stunning wedding color inspirations and see which of them fits your style!

2018 Wedding Trend - The Color Scheme | Stellaire

Green and Dusty Rose is a combination that is perfect for couples looking for colors that are not overly feminine. This combination complements any style or décor, hence, the possibilities of adding your own touch are endless!

For those who want to stick with simplicity, a combination of Lavender and Lilac is the best choice. These two are almost the same color, but there is more to them – Lavender offers light and royalty vibe, while Lilac gives a fresh look. If you combine these two colors, everything will look visually interesting!

Dusty Blue and Deep Red is another interesting choice this 2018. These two colors can work appealingly in any season, and when combined, they show a sophisticated look!

A mixture of various shades of blue is also a wonderful scheme for your wedding because you will have a lot of choices! Floral accents, design, and attire come best with this scheme. Different shades of blue can also be dressed up or down in any season, which make them effortlessly alluring.

Lastly, the classic combination of Black, White, and Gold is still in style! The touch of Gold adds glitz and glow that the basic Black and White lack. After all, we want that elegant and sparkly wedding, do not we?

The design

Geometrical patterns, floral accents, and jaw dropping backdrops are just some design trends to watch for this 2018!

More than giving weddings a wow factor, dramatic floral backdrops also provide artistic details and make the wedding location sensational and classy!

2018 Wedding Trend - The Design | Stellaire

Couples can also stand in front of moss walls during the ceremony, or use them as a photo booth backdrop during the reception. These are perfect for any wedding themes, from traditional to modern rustic. They also give the occasion a cozy and all-natural look!

It is also the trend to bring on texture to little details. Wax seals with the couple’s initials on invitations are immensely popular! This is used to add some elegance and gasp-worthy presentation of the program flow or even the reception menu!

Bell jars and foliage are becoming more popular as table centerpieces. The bell jars give height to the decorations, while the leaves inside add color to the table.

Geometric angles and modern shapes are not just used in bedroom decorations as they can also be added to your wedding for sleeker and more modern twist, especially as candle holders. Try these designs if you are going for a minimalistic design!

The food

Unique food is a must if you want to have an unforgettable wedding. It is not surprising that every year, new food trends come up.

2018 Wedding Trend - The Food | Stellaire

Local and organic food is a trend not just in weddings but in any occasion! More people are going for the food’s quality over quantity. Couples make sure that the food served in their wedding are locally and sustainably sourced.

Of course, couples also want guests to experience something new beside the traditional full-service dinner. “Help yourself” dinner is becoming popular because it adds customization and fun! Examples of this are raw sushi bar, design-your-own appetizer, dessert station, and cocktail booths.

Although cakes are essential for weddings, there are couples who prefer to serve creative desserts more. Ice cream sandwiches, cookie and cheesecake shots, s’mores, waffle cakes, and bite-sized fruit tarts are just some examples of uncommon desserts that can amuse your guests!

The guest experience

Guest experience is a large part of a wedding and today’s couple are finding more ways to entertain them. This 2018, it is all about creating a one-of-a-kind experience for guests!

For a more lively reception, you could hire dancing instructors to teach your guests how to dance. This is the best way to get everyone dancing the night away!

You can also try including photo booths in your wedding as they please the crowd, no matter what the occasion. While you could go for the traditional booth, there are other kinds you might want to consider if you want to try something exciting for your wedding. GIF, slow-motion video, flip-book, and hand-drawn photo booths will spice up those picture perfect moments!

2018 Wedding Trend - The Guest Experience | Stellaire

For your wedding giveaway, you could hire a caricaturist to render on-spot drawing of your guests. A personalized take-home present is a perfect way to end your special day!

Interested to incorporate these in your wedding? Look for a trusted wedding catering in Cavite now!