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Here is a fact: the wedding cake get just as much attention as the bride’s wedding dress. When the bride finally enters the church and walks down the aisle, everyone will be looking at her and wedding dress with awe. It is the same thing for the wedding cake at the reception. It will be the center of attraction once it is finally time for the bride and groom to cut the very first slice and feed each other. People will pay attention to the wedding cake and will get to eat it themselves, making it impactful to the overall wedding.

So if you are about to get married yourself, you might want to start paying more attention to your wedding cake. You need to make sure they represent both you and your partner, and that it will truly make your wedding day memorable. If you need some inspiration for your wedding cakes, browse through this wedding cake gallery put together by Stellaire, a trusted and affordable catering service in Cavite.

Classic Wedding Cakes

The traditional white wedding cakes will never go out of style. Their elegance and beauty can definitely match the bride on her wedding day. Take a look at some of these classic wedding cakes!

Classic Seven-Tier Wedding Cake

This classic wedding cake’s seven tiers are piped with fine garlands and lattice work, as well as delicate roses and grapes. The designs on this gorgeous cake tower mimic the elaborate style of the master baker in England during the 1920s and ’30s known as Joseph Lambeth. (Image Source: Martha Stewart Weddings)

Ribbon Rose Wedding Cake

This wedding cake has rectangular tiers instead of circular, and the most prominent design is the flowers cascading from the top tier to the bottom tier. (Image Source: Lisa Hubbard in Martha Stewart Weddings)

Garden Rose Wedding Cake

Created by Ron Ben-Israel, this simple yet beautiful wedding cake is inspired by the lace of a bridal gown and is adorned with a giant rose on top. (Image Source: Sang Ann in Martha Stewart Weddings)

Color-coordinated Wedding Cakes

If your wedding deviates from the usual white color theme and you chose a different color palette, you might want a wedding cake that is color-coordinated to your theme, too.

Blue and Yellow Cake

This blue and yellow cake has three square tiers covered in white fondant, surrounded by a metallic blue ribbon, and adorned with yellow flowers. (Image Source: Heritage Wedding Cakes)

Pink and Silver Cake

This gorgeous pink and silver cake by award-winning cake artist Eva Salazar has four tiers designed with metallic silver flowers at the side. (Image Source: Eva Salazar)

Blue and Green Cake

Simple yet unique, this blue and green cake created by Cake Life Bake Shop is inspired by the hues of the ocean. (Image Source: Brides)

Green and Yellow Cake

This green and yellow cake is piped with simple scroll and bead designs and is adorned with Hydrangeas Morais Vineyards. (Image Source: Gâteau Bakery Café cafe & Tea Room)

Themed Wedding Cakes

Some weddings also have a very specific theme, whether it be influenced by the location, the current season, or something significant to the couple. Take a look at some of them!

Beach-themed Wedding Cake

This three-tiered beach-themed wedding cake is simply designed with icing shaped like sea sponges and starfish decorations. (Image Source: The Pastry Studio)

Rustic Wedding Cake

For those who will get married in an outdoor location and has a rustic theme going on, this naked chocolate wedding cake dusted with powdered sugar will do the trick. (Image Source: Struth Photography in Brides)

Winter-themed Wedding Cake

This elegant and unique all-white wedding cake depicts a wintry mountain scene done in white buttercream. (Image Source: Ambrosia Cake Creations)

Movie-inspired Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes can be inspired by movies and shows as well. Check out these unique movie-inspired wedding cakes that will surely get everyone’s attention!

Jurassic Park-themed Wedding Cake

This two-tiered white wedding cake seems simple enough, but the two dinosaurs at the top dressed as bride and groom will definitely steal the show. (Image Source: Olivia Jacob Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic)

Harry Potter-themed Wedding Cake

This Harry Potter-inspired cake is the perfect wedding cake for couples who are ultimate Potterheads. (Image Source: Flavorwire)

Marvel-themed Wedding Cake

This wedding cake is all about everybody’s favorite Marvel superheroes. (Image Source: Wedding & Wedding Flowers)

Fruit Wedding Cakes

For a more healthy and refreshing cake for your wedding reception, try a fruit wedding cake.

Strawberry Wedding Pound Cake

This strawberry wedding cake is made up of pound cake with mascarpone cream and strawberries. (Image Source: Nancy Neil via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Mango Slice Wedding Cake

This cake, created by the Parrot Cay chefs, was soaked in a rum-punch syrup, layered with jasmine-mango jam, frosted with vanilla and passion-fruit buttercream, and coated in mango slices with a mango-passion glaze. (Image Source: Martha Stewart Weddings)

Lemon and Berry Wedding Cake

This lemon-layered naked cake is topped with a pile of various berries including raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. (Image Source: Maria Robledo via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Everyone loves chocolate, and if you and your future husband or wife are big fans of this delicious treat, you need a chocolate cake.

Pretty Chocolate Wedding Cake

This naked chocolate cake looks pretty and simple enough with little ivory and pink roses. (Image Source: Jessica Davies Photography via Hitched)

Chocolate Drip Wedding Cake

This Chocolate Drip Cake by Unbirthday Bakery is adorned with vibrant floral decorations and chocolate drips. (Image Source: Hitched)

Fruity Chocolate Cake

This four-tiered naked chocolate cake was created by Le Papillion Patisserie with rich chocolate icing, light frosting, and ripe berries. (Image Source: Hitched)

Floral Wedding Cakes

Flowers in cakes will also add a different vibe and more aesthetic to your wedding. Here are some floral cakes to look out for.

Pink and Gold Floral Wedding Cake

Created by Sugar Suckle, this elegant two-tiered cake is adorned with ranunculi and greenery at the top. Image Source: Bashful Captures via Brides)

Watercolor Floral Wedding Cake

This gorgeous floral  cake by The Cake and The Giraffe has five tiers with a watercolor motif and floral decorations. (Image Source: Caroline Ross Photography via Brides)

White and Gold Floral Wedding Cake

Four Seasons Resort at the Biltmore Santa Barbara created this elegant two-tiered wedding cake with fresh flowers. (Image Source: James & Jess Photography via Brides)

Geode Wedding Cakes

For a truly unique twist on your cakes, consider incorporating gems on it. These geode cakes are unique and remarkable.

Emerald and Gold Geode Wedding Cake

This geode cake is made up of three smooth tiers with a split in the middle containing mesmerizing emerald and gold crystals. (Image Source: PureWow)

Fragmented Candy Rocks Geode Wedding Cake

This geode cake, on the other hand, is only a single-tier cake decorated with fragmented candy rocks. (Image Source: Alana Jones Mann via PureWow)

Turquoise and Gold Geode Wedding Cake

This massive geode wedding cake has marbled agate-like swirls bursting from its middle. (Image Source: Red Balloon Photography via PureWow)

Ombré Wedding Cakes

If you want your wedding cake to be multi-colored and still be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, then you might want to go for an ombré cake. Here are some of them.

Fuchsia Ombré Wedding Cake

© Khaki Bedford Photography /

This gorgeous ombré cake is baked by Nashville Sweets. Fuchsia paint has been swirled at the bottom to create a natural ombré look. (Image Source: Khaki Bedford Photography via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Turquoise Tint Ombré Wedding Cake

The frosting in this beautiful cake goes from cream to turquoise. (Image Source: Ashley Upchurch via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Ombré Swirls Wedding Cake

This three-tiered ombré wedding cake is a little different as swirls of frosting cover up the whole cake. The frosting goes from a light orange tint to a pinkish hue. (Image Source: Joielala Photographie via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Wedding Cake Alternatives

And if you are not up for a cake at all, there are other desserts that can take the place of a cake at your reception. Check out these cake alternatives.

Donut Tower

This is a tower of frosted donuts created by Harold’s Doughnuts. (Image Source: Scott Patrick Myers Photography via Brides)

Cheese “cake”

Instead of sponge cake, this is a “cake” made up of wheels of different kinds of cheese, created by The Cheese Shed. (Image Source: Ed Peers Photography via Brides)

Croquembouche Cake

This one is a decadent chocolate croquembouche cake with elephant cake toppers. (Image Source: Ricky Stern Photography via Brides)

Whether you want something new and out-of-the-box or something classic and traditional, you better make sure your wedding cake looks good and tastes good so it can make your special day even more memorable.

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