Cost-effective and Quick Party Décor Ideas

Thinking of ideas for your party’s decorations and putting them up can be fun, but it is also challenging and time consuming, which then leads to stress. However, there are many ways you can do to avoid such stress and still manage your time for party planning!

While you can contact a catering service like Stellaire Catering & Events Services for affordable events in Cavite, here are wonderful party décor ideas that you can do in an hour or less!

Decorative buffet

More than filling the guests’ appetite, food can also be a focal point when planning for your party’s decoration. If you are on a tight budget for fancy and expensive decoration, you can showcase your food on a neatly clothed table. Coordinate with your caterer to arrange a spectacular buffet display to attract your guests’ attention!

Think green

Look around your place and see how many potted plants and other greenery you can gather to use as party decoration. Some of the most popular decorative plants you can use are ornamental plants such as succulents, roses, bulb plants, ornamental shrubs, and grasses are. As these plants give a natural vibe, it is a great party décor especially if the event will be held outdoors.

Lights, lights, more lights!

You cannot ignore the power of lights when talking about party decorations as the lighting helps set and define the mood of the party. Brightly lit spaces can define the party where everyone can go hangout and enjoy the dancefloor, while spaces with softer lighting can be the venue for a more intimate and romantic celebration like weddings.

You can also create a great ambience with candles of various heights, sizes and design. Scatter them on areas that lack decorations or you can also put them around tables in food areas.


It is seldom for a good party to miss out balloons! Not only are such party items affordable, but they can be also used for different types of parties – a children’s party can be filled with balloons of bright, youthful colors and shapes, while an adult-themed celebration may be adorned by balloons of elegant colors and strings to match the party’s concept.

You can also turn this into an activity – it can be an instant art class during a kids’ party as they will surely love working on those colored markers and do draw on the balloons. However, adults can also do it. Encourage them to help you decorate and write fun and meaningful statements on the balloons. This can even create tighter bonds!

Fancy garlands and banners

Garlands always come in handy when decorating party venues. A simple sparkling wreath hanging on the wall will already create a party vibe! Instead of buying, you can use your creativity and do it yourself.

Party banners are one of the easiest and most customizable party decor along with garlands. You just need to cut out simple shapes and put texts on them, then you can already hang them on ribbons or strings. As banners can come in various designs because these can be personalized, ideas are endless!

Paper décors

Papers are top items when it comes to decorations! With your preferred type of paper, you can make an ample variety of party decors. You can create wall streamers made of crepe paper, paper medallions, paper flowers, paper fans, paper pompoms, and confetti walls! More than being inexpensive, they will definitely rock the look when displayed in the party venue.

Most party decors can be expensive for your tight budget. However, you should not worry because of these cheap yet fancy DIY decorations which will embellish your special event. More than being less time consuming, they also bring out the creativity in you as you customize them!

For affordable events here in Cavite, Stellaire Catering & Events Services will provide excellent catering services which can add to the wonderful party décor you have in your party!