10 Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will mark a truly important part in people’s lives. A wedding means two people in love are finally uniting as one. Although this can only happen once in your life, wedding anniversaries are there to help people remember that special day, nourish their love, and celebrate their lives together. Stellaire Caterings & Events Services, a trusted and affordable catering service in Cavite, listed down these 10 ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary!

1.   Have a romantic dinner

Admittedly, you can easily go to a restaurant and have a romantic dinner there, but consider having one at home instead! You have the chance to cook your husband or your wife’s favorite meal and bond privately and away from the usual noisy chaos of a restaurant. With two glasses of wine, candlelight, and an excellent background music, your wedding anniversary can feel like the movies.

2.   Make a special video

Make a special video containing some of your best memories together. A simple video can show just how much you went through together especially if you and your spouse have been together for more than 10 or 20 years. A special video can show your journey through the years and how your love flourished through these moments.

3.   Relive your first date

Reliving your first date is one romantic and special way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. If you went for a dinner on your first date, go to the very same restaurant and have the same dishes you did years ago. If you watched a movie on your first date, pull up a DVD of that movie and watch it again together.

4.   Have a second honeymoon

If you have sufficient time and budget, then going on a second honeymoon is also a good way to celebrate your lives as a married couple. You can go to your original honeymoon destination or pick a new romantic location. Either way, you will be able to unwind and spend time with each other.

5.   Renew your vows

If you and your other half have been married for 10, 20, or 50 years already, renewing your wedding vows will surely signify that milestone. This can give you the chance to state your love and commitment, and make new promises to each other. There are affordable wedding packages out there that can bring families together in this meaningful event.

6.   Eat breakfast in bed

Eating breakfast in bed is also a romantic way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Cook your favorite breakfasts and serve them hot and fresh to your life partner. Having breakfast in bed is a good way to unwind, bond, and greet the morning of your wedding anniversary with love and meaning.

7.   Celebrate with family on a vacation

Celebrating a wedding anniversary can also be done with the whole family. Grab your kids, book a trip somewhere, and have a quality family time. Going on a family vacation for a few days will allow you to reconnect with your spouse, bond with your kids, and make new memories together.

8.   Go on a Picnic

Going on a picnic is another romantic way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Visit a nearby park or a popular park where you can just sit on the grass, eat snacks or lunch, and spend time together. Prepare picnic food that are easy and delicious, music, and blankets to set the mood for a romantic picnic date.

9.   Have a stay-cation

If you and your husband or wife do not have enough time for a full vacation, you can opt for stay-cation instead. Married couples can just stay at home, watch a movie or two, and eat a home cooked meal. A stay-cation gives you both a chance to take a break from responsibilities, and just spend quality time together at home.

10.        Throw a Party

And if you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary with important people surrounding you, throw a party! Friends and families can all get together if you throw a party. Not only you will be remembering the love you have for your husband or wife, but you will also feel the love of these important people around you.

Whether you are celebrating your first wedding anniversary or your 50th, you can make it extra special. Keep these things in mind so that you can celebrate you wedding anniversary filled with love and warmth.

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